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  1. JFisher

    Building contract contradicts itself

    Good! I'm glad you did that. Their backdown indicates that they aren't confidant enough to pursue it so just assert your right to be informed (in writing and specifically), they may not try it again but be consistent and resolute if they do!
  2. JFisher

    Progress Payments and Penalty clauses

    ggumpshots, Just call him first and explain..Im sure he'll be fine. Yes it does happen often and depends on the bank so as long as he is informed you most likely won't have a problem. Hows the house going anyway? Did you get back to have a look at it or not?
  3. JFisher

    Can I sue our Builder for not finishing our IP in time

    It's all about comprehension! Builders and Consumers. Building contracts are trying to be more weighted in favour of 'everyone understanding' not weighing towards builder or consumer. You would be suprised how many builders don't understand all of the clauses and the circumstances in which they...
  4. JFisher

    Building contract contradicts itself

    It's not over till...... Ausprop, in that case I would assess the wording of the clause that was inserted carefully. Do they specify who values the stage? If done by the builder and you do get an invoice that you feel is overdone (given that you have some experience in building you must have a...
  5. JFisher

    Building contract contradicts itself

    Does that mean that they can bill you a % of each progress payment stage in schedule 'a' if they haven't completed it within a month? Or is it a percentage of total contracted work each month? I would also be asking the builder who assessed the 'percentage'; valuer or builder..... The...
  6. JFisher

    Can I sue our Builder for not finishing our IP in time

    What type of contract did you sign. One supplied by one of the building industry associations (MBA or HIA etc)? Within the clauses of an industry written contract will be a clause worded similar to this " Agreed damages for late completion of the Building works" if nothing is stated in the space...
  7. JFisher

    Cheapest way to build garage?

    Blue board? Was it blue board? Blue board is 10mm concrete panels and comes in varying widths. You do need a frame and then you would flush the joins (like plaster) and paint. There is another polystyrene cladding called Exin (about 7kg per panel so one person can lift and install) which is...
  8. JFisher

    Would you spend more money on your IPs (water-saving devices, etc)to save the planet?

    Save or sustain?? If you are building from new then the most effective ways of conserving energy (and thus reducing the cost of heating/cooling etc) do not cost more than building a house that has not had that consideration. The first obvious one is the orientation of your home on its site and...
  9. JFisher

    Teaching English in Japan

    I believe 'ggumpshots' is in Japan teaching English; not sure who/or how though. Maybe you could send him a PM.:)
  10. JFisher

    Timber floors

    Solid timber flooring (19mm) is not something that can always be retrofitted depending on doorways and cabinetry get some advice from a carpenter before looking at traditional floorboards. Make sure you factor in the thickness of your flooring/underlay OR the thickness of solid timber when...
  11. JFisher

    If you were getting married today, or you had to help pay for a wedding for your chil

    About 14 years ago it cost us about 3-4K to get married. I made all the bridesmaids dresses (in a former life was a dressmaker and worked at Lincraft at the time so got the fabric cheap. I had an old boss (dressmaker) make my dress but I sewed all the lace onto it. We hired a function centre and...
  12. JFisher

    Structure for a small developer

    If your builder has retired or is now unlicenced (for whatever reason) you can get genuine defects repaired through your warranty insurance. Warranty insurance can be accessed if you builder is dead, bankrupt or no longer licenced. If you are going to operate as a builder you will need to be...
  13. JFisher

    Are you self employed?

    Own own building business and don't enjoy it that much; although I think that it is because our kids are still young which places more pressure on how much, what and where I do things. I always find it interesting to hear that people who work in other jobs find property reno's and developing...
  14. JFisher

    What is an investor personality type?

    Yep, INTJ here too! Moderate in everything
  15. JFisher

    Financial infidelity

    In our mid 20's we had to sell Daryl's 'chick magnet' ute to buy our house. Our budget was non-negotiable as we had a baby within a year of being married and lived on a carpenters wage. There was alot of resistance to the budget at first as it was hard for Daryl to adjust from two wages and...
  16. JFisher

    Slab down, frame up next day!

    Our engineers state that we must pond our slabs for a week before building on them; we have very hot weather in summer though and this is designed to slow down the curing on the outside to minimize cracking. A local builder here has put up a house in 3 weeks and generally can smash them up in...
  17. JFisher

    IP in Smithfield Village or Redlynch, Cairns???

    Sorry, I cannot help you with any personal experience or knowledge of the area but I am sure your due diligence is not just confined to opionions here so I would encourage you to keep researching outside of the forum. Ring a few REA's in the area and find out what the rental situation is and...
  18. JFisher


    I'm sure your pups will get good families Brenda and Simon and I hope you get lucky with your red/white collie Michael. We have just had to put down our 11 year old labrador and have recently been told our 10 year old Bull Arab has cancer..I will be substantially messy when he leaves...
  19. JFisher

    Gas hob installation - cost?

    OK, so all you would have to do is change your cooktop to gas and then adjust the drop of your rangehood...easy. As for the chinese food...I do make stirfry complain but Daryl and I like it!
  20. JFisher

    Gas hob installation - cost?

    Hi Alex Why did you go and have to mention Chinese cooking? Now I'm hungry! I need to know what your definition of 'hob' is; are you talking about getting a freestanding unit with oven/cooktop etc all in one, where the legs are adjustable to a certain degree. If not, then by hob I presume...