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    Adelaide 2 houses for sale

    Hello I have 2 investement properties for sale in Adelaide with the following specifications. Suburb Blakeview $180K 40 mins North of Adelaide cbd(@35km). It is 10 mins walk to the Munno Para shopping centre, and within walking distance to all schools etc etc. Small 3 bedroom home on...
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    Financial problems

    Hello I suppose its not nice to have to do this however if anyone can help me they are likely to be on this forum. I lost my job in August last year, and thought it was a great time to start renovating a house that I had been renting out. I feel I did a pretty good job on the renovation and...
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    disheartened by renovation

    Hello I have been renovating a house full time since august last year. I purchased this place for 260k in 1999. I had it rented out before the renovation at 475per week. After having problems with the tenants, and after they moved out I decided to continue renovating the house. I have...
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    "set sale" or "Buyer ranged"

    Probably should have asked this question before signing up, but has anyone had any good or bad experience with these selling systems. "set sale" or "Buyer ranged" Basically the seller puts the house on the market for 30 days where people put in secret bids (like a tender) and the highest gets...
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    A plumbing question

    Hello If there are any plumbers out there, am I allowed to use liquid nails to glue down a toilet pan to a tiled floor, or do I have to use mortar. Is it also true that I have to make sure there is a small hole so that air can escape from the cavity so the bowl does not crack. Regards Adam
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    Water feature - downside

    My nice formal entry with new water feature has been hijacked by bernice the brown snake, any ideas on how to pursuade this reptile that the water feature is not there for her benefit. I would prefer not using lethal force ( there would be one to take its place anyway), and I am not going to...
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    Renovation pictures

    Hello I have accidently put my before and after photos under the general user photo gallery, so they do not come up under adding value. Michael Croft mentioned a while back about nailing fibre cement to brown brick, I thought it sounded such a good idea, I thought I'd give it a go, it has...
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    Help with CGT

    Hello I bought a house about 3 years ago for 260K, I had it valued about 8 months ago at 320K (bank valuer ) 2 months before tenants moved out, and I moved in to renovate, I have just had it revalued by the same bank valuer for 440K. Prior to making it my principal residence it has been...
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    I've found Wood rot

    Hello As I passed through the roof and into the second bedroom, I began to realise the extent of the wood rot. I have spent the past week replacing the battens that are affected. This requires removing all tiles, so while I am doing the batten replacement, I have also decided to remove the old...
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    New Toy (investment tool)

    I have just ordered a 24 volt cordless double sliding compound mitre saw, I will post pictures when it arrives ($1635), its my tax time present for all the hard work I have done.
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    white knight tile paint

    A while back I used this in a small bathroom (on the floor), did not prepare the surface properly, and only put one coat down. The result was a fairly poor looking surface where I could see streaks through the paint. I decided to tile over the top of this, and classed the tile paint as a...
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    Robert Kiyosaki's interview ABC radio tonight

    At about 9pm
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    A question for brains

    Hello I noticed you said you have been in the building industry for 20 years, and I have a question that no-one seems to be able to answer. My question is how do I cut a mitre that requires a 45 degree cut one way (very easy), but also requires an angled cut another way. an example that I...
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    laying tiles and the widow maker

    hello Almost finished painting the house, hopefully be ready to lay some tiles on the weekend. I decided on 50cm by 50cm porcelien tiles. Last weekend I had my trusty $120 GMC tile saw out, and was cutting all the borders from full size tiles, at the time I was thinking there must be a better...
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    Painting (do it right the first time)

    Hello I painted a huge house internally about 6 months ago. All of the exposed beams were mission brown, and I did on average 2 coats of Taubmans 3 in 1 (sealer, primer, undercoat), and then 2 coats of high gloss (wash and wear). Well the tenants moved out, and I walked in to be greeted with...
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    Excavation cutting in

    Hello I am thinking of cutting into the hill behind my house. The hill is about a metre from the back of the hose, and then rises steeply from there, it is very clostrophobic, the trees cause problems, as they hang over the gutters, and rats , possums, koalas, foxes can jump from the hill onto...
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    Brewery apartments - Adelaide

    Brewery Apartments Adelaide - Kent town These look very classy from the outside, has anyone bought, looked at buying, or looked at renting one of these places at kent town. I am very tempted to break my own rule and invest in a unit, (mainly so that I can live there at a later stage). I got...
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    oh dear tenant troubles

    Hello I recently finished off a renovation of a house I have just rented out. I started advertising well in advance and gave a date into the future when prospective tenants could move in. As my property manager took the prospective tenants through, they decided they could not wait a second...
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    South Australian Tenancies act Review

    Hello Anyone on the forum from Adelaide intending on writing submissions for the review. I for one would like more security (higher Bond), along with some form of branding, preferably on the forehead of serial property wreckers. Reducing through common sense the amount of time between...
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    Where to from here

    Hello These are my circumstances House 1 value = 340K House 2 value =190K House 3 value = 120k Total Value = 520K Rent House 1 = 450 P/W rent house 2 = 160 P/W rent house 3 = !55 P/w Total rent per week = $765 P/W Wages = @850 per week (after tax) 67K P/A Total weekly...