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    Interest in Advance Rate worse then Variable!!

    I've been quoted 4.4% as me Interest in advance for the next Financial year. That's .2 worse than my variable. Just checking that it's the going rate with the SS team. I've got to do it this year as I had a CGT event. The rate seems a little soft. I'm also a bit worried about what rate and IO...
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    Proposed Heritage listing on building - BCC

    I've had a letter from the Brisbane City Council proposing to list a brick boarding house I own as a local heritage place, the process will take over 6 months and I get a chance to have my say in around August. Just wondering if anyone has gone through anything similar. Any tips on the...
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    Insurance claim - cash settlement or not

    Got a largish smashed up tiled roof and interior damage of a building in the hail storm in Bris 6 weeks ago. The quotes from insurance are high IMHO, we're talking 100k over what I think it should be. I may be able to take cash settlement for parts or all of it. Apart from me getting my prices...
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    Buying at Auction - best technique

    Looking at buying in Brisbane today at auction. Anyone got thoughts on the best tactics! Also do you need to pay the deposit on the day or on the Monday morning? I read a great post earlier in the year on somersoft about auction tactics but can't find it. Was written by one of the buyers...
  5. H & Domain have to much power

    Got an email from a commercial agent ranting about the costs of only having the two big players. Rea has doubled its prices, suburbs are priced differently, etc. anyone got any thoughts? Cheaper than a half page spread in the paper, Lol.
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    Land tax not paid on settlement

    I sold a property in QLD last month a both sides forgot the land tax payment before settlement. The buyers have sent me letter from QLD revenue saying they need to pay it!!! I intent to pay it but if I didn't does it become there responsibility? Weird setup!
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    Trustee for our Will

    Have had wife and I's parents as trustees on our will but they're getting a little older now. We are thinking of changing it over to my wife's sister is she'd get the kids so may as we'll look after the money to. Just wondering what others do or would recommend. We have a lot of IPs and are...
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    Superannuation - Making extra payments

    Wife and I are thinking of paying extra into super this FY. Does the bank still see this as income? Also this money is tied up for next 20 years, is the difference between 15% tax and 40+% tax worth it. Surely I can do more with the money than putting it in Super! I'm not interested in SMSF as...