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  1. Jake D

    Pay Mrs D instead..?

    Hey folks. Hopefully just a quick question. I've asked my accountant but his response sounded even dodgier (long story). I'm employed FT as a permanent employee, I've got an opportunity to also do some contract work on the side. Is there a simple, legal, cost effective way to have the...
  2. Jake D

    I'm still alive

    Hi all. In case anybody was missing me, I'm still kicking around. Have just been too busy with work to participate much.
  3. Jake D

    Quick question - fastest turnaround for a REFINANCE

    Hi Investors and Brokers and whoever else. A friend of mine wants to refinance their PPOR loan. Wants the new one to have IO and Offset. One full time income, one part time. Wants to get it over the line ASAP as the part timer wants to quit to study. The question. Which bank should...
  4. Jake D

    "Breaking building laws"

    Maybe an interesting read.
  5. Jake D

    3x1 in Clarkson, WA - Hold for CG or Granny flat for quick cash flow

    G'day all, I'm selling my old PPOR. Asking $375,000 Rent for min $390 /week based off these comparables. 565 sqm block and 110 sqm house allows room for granny flat behind with plenty of side access. Green title. Close to (and within boundaries) for the nicer primary school...
  6. Jake D

    Jake D got a new job

    Just a quick note to brag about the fact that I landed a new role. The future has been very uncertain for most people in my current office so I, along with the rest of them, have been frantically searching for new jobs. I've landed one and start next week. I'll almost certainly be a lot...
  7. Jake D

    Carpet, Laid /m2

    Hi guys, I've been checking out some carpet websites and the lack of pricing is killing me. I want to re-floor 3x bedrooms and 1x living room. bed1 12m2 bed2 12m2 bed3 36m2 living 60m2 Can anyone give me a thumbsuck price to start working from for decent, hard wearing carpet, laid...
  8. Jake D

    Will City of Wanneroo inspect my patio?

    I've just had a patio approved for construction. In the approval notice they ask to be notified of completion. Is that so they can inspect the complete structure? Or just to give them something to do? I ask because I am considering moving a post from where the plans show, and don't want to...
  9. Jake D

    Who wants to do a quick sales report for me?

    Hi Folks, I am hoping to get my hands on sales history for a street in Hillarys WA for the last 12 months. I can pay for it if required. Can anyone help me out?
  10. Jake D

    Anyone listen to 6PR? [Perth]

    And happen to be listening at about 6 - 6.30 this morning?
  11. Jake D

    Is it too early for me to Reval? [Clarkson, Perth]

    Hi folks, We bought a place at the beginning of the year using a parental guarantee as security. This is my second time doing this. The first time, after a few years we had the place revalued, paid a little LMI and released the guarantee. I'm looking to release the guarantee as early as...
  12. Jake D

    Design my Patio for me?

    This is my new PPOR. I currently have no shade in back yard and am planing on building a patio. North is up. Street is east. retaining wall is about 1.2 or so high. Back fence is on Another retaining wall about 1.2. There is no eaves anywhere on the house. I want ot provide some summer shade...
  13. Jake D

    "Postcode Decoder"

    A nifty little website work in progress. A discussion with the creator:
  14. Jake D

    The Vine: $215pw to live on a balcony

    Was just having a read through this and thought I'd share.
  15. Jake D

    TV show floor plans

    A few of you might enjoy this one Seems relevant
  16. Jake D

    Buy, Reno, hold?

    Probably better in "Caveat Emptor" section, but I'm not selling so I thought this section might be relevant. I'm sure if you're looking for this kind of project you'll have the alerts set up already but if not, this one popped up today and might be a cheap start for a buy, reno hold project...
  17. Jake D

    Sold Price Data WA

    Hey guys, How long after settlement will I be able to find a sold price for a particular property in WA? I normally use and pay 30c per listing - I'm assuming there are other places it will turn up sooner, subscription based, maybe? I had an interesting exchange with an agent...
  18. Jake D

    Recent Sales Data for Clarkson

    Hi guys, Has anyone got access to some recent sales figures in Clarkson without costing too much? Just trying to estimate a value.
  19. Jake D

    Anyone got an availability in Perth?

    Hi guys, Bit of an odd request. My BIL & his Fiancée are looking for a place to rent in Perth (preferably northern suburb I think) and are struggling. Is anyone here self-managing and has a property available either now or soon that they'd consider my BIL for? I think 2 things are working...
  20. Jake D

    What an annoying ad