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    Bush clearing/landscaping recoms

    My IP has a lot of trees and bushes that I would like to get cleared and maybe do a bit of landscaping to make it a very low maintenance backyard. Lets face it, no tenant likes gardening. I should know, I use to rent once. Any recommendations of a good landscaper you may have used who a can...
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    Regular payments to Investment loan

    Regular payments to IO Investment loan Hi, I'm a new to prop investing and I'm thinking about making fortnightly payments to my Interest Only Investment loan to reduce the amount of interest charged on it to a point where I can manage the payments comfortably. Yes I know you are probably...
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    Sigh...Just bought in a bad area

    So I just found out that area i've bought my IP in is dubbed a bad area because of an incident that happened about 4 yrs ago...on the same street I've put all that money into. I didn't believe what i was being told until I consulted my good ol buddy Google. Now it could be that its coz of...