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    Owning an ATM

    Hi Has anyone aware about that kind of business. It says that it can improve your serviceability.... Does anyone own one already? Regards
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    New kitchen

    Hi I am looking for options to install a new kitchen in an IP (1x1 in old 1960 building). I was looking at Bunnings at below $1k for a linear 2.5m, but it does not give a lot of room/appeal. Was more on a L shape 2.5m X 2m or a complete U shape. Do you think I can find those for below $3k...
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    How to finance deposit

    Hi I am about to sign for a OTP apartment as IP. I have a LOC on my PPOR that I want to use to pay the deposit. Final financing looks like will come from the same bank or refinance the all (PPOR and IP) at settlement date. Is it he best approach and would it be possible to deduct...
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    Newbie (one more) - serviced appartment

    Hi This is my first post. First of all, thank you for the various contribution, it helps a lot! In a matter of introduction: Leaving in Perth, looking to buy my first IP soon (3-6 months). Having read few posts since a couple of days. I think I have worked out my goals ( being an income...