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    Market outlook in Canberra

    No idea where house price will go, I just make an observation/statement less job more cut cant be good for people confident taking on debt. There will always be buyer and seller in all market whether you can get price you want is dependent on jobs, interest rate, sentiments etc...
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    Market outlook in Canberra

    Which department? There is a blanket banned across departments on recruitment Email sent out to senior staffs stops all recruiting activities If an offered has not went out the door before 31st of October No contractor are to be renew without authorization From the head of the department that...
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    How to deal with -ve people

    Investing is a lonely journey, do what you feel is comfortable and agree with whatever they say.
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    Market outlook in Canberra

    Things look grim for Canberra Went to an auction in Curtin, price 10% off their value and vendor decided to sell.
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    How can we help our son to choose what he wants to do at uni?

    I dont think it matter too much what degree you do at uni as long as he is focused and know what he want to do in life.....most degree will leads to some jobs provided you know what you want to do... I always know what I want to do since year 10 and my parents play a big part in encourage me...
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    Questions re LMI + Valuations

    I have similar problem, bank for some reasons like people keep chucking their cash in the banks and show them they can save and don't believe people can be debt free and make a killing :mad: I told them I don't keep cash...I only keep cash when share trades above intrinsic value and I don't...
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    Most jobs I got offered ask for you to under go security clearance but doesn't required you to have one. Once I start the job they begin the process...takes any where between 6 weeks to 3 months.... Seriously rule out a good suitable candidate just because they currently don't hold a clearance...
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    Probably AFP ...they have random drug test and stuff and very generous leave and pay...
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    you can paid for your own clearance out of pocket
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    A tough time to look for jobs in Canberra :eek: ... I know a few people lost their jobs and unemployed for more than 6 months already. have you tried entry level like help...
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    No interest! Would you hold, sell VF???

    If you know your business and your stocks ....stock market is great for put and call options...I am not talking trading options but a unique way to collect premium with time .... I do it all the time in the stock market -:) 3% every 3 months doing it for years ...collect a few thousand bucks...
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    No interest! Would you hold, sell VF???
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    No interest! Would you hold, sell VF???

    Wise move ...not many people pay attention to capital preservation I seen a few paper millionaires in my time :-) and when it came undone they regret not taking money off the table when they can... Having learned from other mistakes I always preserve my capital...I may not make as much if...
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    No interest! Would you hold, sell VF???

    Around extra 1200 new units come on line this year, more development in the pipe line and a few more high rise come on to the market toward the end of this year and more in 2014. I say you looking at extra 2000-3000 new units/apartment come on line next few years they also open up new...
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    Canberra Rental Market - Is it Trending Down

    Australia is moving toward the US style land tax system, wait another 10-15 years see your rate bill and cry :( .. Land tax for PPOR in US can run into 10-15K a year This is the most reliable way of collecting tax for local councils than stamp need for boom as long as people own...
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    The KISS principle - my take on applying it to property investing

    +1 Timeless advices and wisdom doesn't age with time ... but fashion do... A part of all I earned is mine to keep it relevant in 1929, still relevant today and 100 years from now. Nothing wrong with millionaire next door advice you to spend less than you earn and education is important but...
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    The Budget is not the only thing in deficit, its confidence!

    talk like one of those bad ASX companies where they use net debt to equity ratio ... we are only 40% debt to equity then went belly up because they cant afford the interest payment :D which is a better number? 24% of 2 Billion or 20% of 3 Billion Labor in absolute number term get more...
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    Liberal or labor , who's better for property investors ?

    who ever win, we need a shake down ...clean up the debt...stop the spending.. wipe out the over leverage and the strong will survive and the next boom can begin in a decade or two :) The share market done its job in 2008-2009 and wiped out those on high margin and force to sell and I get to...
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    The Budget is not the only thing in deficit, its confidence!

    Labor doesnt know how to do things probably, they comes up with un-realistic number and sky high prediction and then spend all those money they know they cant get ...... and blame blow out and short fall in revenue ... Do you know how Costello used to do it? before the budget, he ask his...
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    What if the mining (boom) ends?

    Looking at house price on month to month is like share price on a weekly basis... It tells you nothing but making speculator feel good.... Year on year and the factor that drives its performance are better way to look at investing in an asset...