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  1. locko24

    97% finance?

    Hi Thought this might interest some of you broker types. Just got a 97% lend including lmi and stamp duty on $500k. From previous posts on here i thought this was impossible?!? Not that i'm complaining...
  2. locko24

    Donga granny flat.

    Howdy y'all. Has anybody used a transportable building, such as one from a building site, and converted it into a granny flat? I reckon it could be done for less than 25k. Any thoughts?
  3. locko24

    Indications of capital growth

    Hey all This months edition of YIP had a page tipping areas for future capital growth. The biggest indicator they used seemed to be rental growth v median price growth over the past 12 months. For example, Goulburn's rental growth was +24%, whereas it's median house price only grew by +3%...
  4. locko24

    Dubbo, NSW

    Anyone looking at Dubbo, with the plans for 2 mines? Methinks it's the next Orange.
  5. locko24

    Climate change? Surprising poll on the Telegraph site today re: climate change. I thought most people believed in it.
  6. locko24

    Margin finance

    I hear that commercial property finance is based on the property, not the individual's financial position. Is this correct? Does that mean the applicant could not have a job when applying for finance, as long as they had the equity/deposit, and the property was considered a 'safe bet'? Does...
  7. locko24

    Free YIP mags

    Howdy folks Stumbled on this by accident. YIP now have an iPad magazine app. Currently the issue that is 2 months old is free! It will be interesting to see if this continues.
  8. locko24

    Off market buying

    Howdy guys and girls, I always wonder, when I drive past local, run down houses, how I would find out who owns the place, and how to contact them! All I know is that for 7-odd dollars I can buy the owners last name, and first initials off the department of lands website. This really doesn't...
  9. locko24

    Regional Aus

    Interesting article.. I knew it!!! ;)
  10. locko24

    Offer technique?

    Hi folks! I have a conundrum, and would like to squeeze some thoughts from the collective genius on here! An RE rang me recently to let me know there are 3 houses in a row coming up for sale in a small town which i have a good impression of. She said the price would be $169k, but they...
  11. locko24

    Commercial Opportunity Just thought i'd post this place, as it seems a pretty good buy, and if someone is interested, go for it. I'm not in a position to buy commercial (due to the higher deposit needed), but i'd certainly look into it in greater...
  12. locko24

    3 titles - 1 lot of Rates?

    Quick question guys: If you own 1 block with 3 titles, do you you pay 1 lot of rates, or 3? Cheers
  13. locko24

    Early retirement

    Hi All I'm a little confused right now! My goal through investing, is to not have to work for someone else, and be able to work when i want - if at all. (after i have got to the stage of being bored with golf everyday ;)) Apart from that, i'm not sure! I need some clarification as to...
  14. locko24

    Tile roof to tin.

    Hi folks After some opinions. Currently settling on an IP in Orange, NSW. The rear of the house is an extension with a tin roof, while the original part of the house has a tile roof. My questions are; 1.Will changing the tiles to tin affect the value in a negative way, even though the...
  15. locko24

    New Mine Central West NSW

    Hi forumites. Golden Cross Resources is doing a feasibility study about 10km out of the small Central West town of Molong, NSW. Most locals seem to be aware of this - Molong houses are fairly expensive. What i'm after, are some opinions of...