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  1. 4GH1RH

    When an agent Photoshops photos online?

    Hi. Interested in a property that so far has no other interest so prepared to offer agent $400k against $429k asking price. Have since found that at least one image published on by the agent has been photoshopped... Anyone been in this situation? Obviously I want to...
  2. 4GH1RH

    Bank in Guernsey (with debit card)

    Hi My father has funds in a pension based in Guernsey from his mining days in Africa. He wishes to draw the pension as a lump sum but wants to keep with a bank in Guernsey and have a debit card attached to it. Can anyone suggest which of the 31 registered banks in Guernsey we might...
  3. 4GH1RH

    ING at 4% or IP offset at 5.38%?

    Currently only have one property (that used to be my PPOR and has an offset account attached) but is now and IP and positively geared. I have ~$40K in cash savings - would it be better off in offsetting the IP loan and reducing that interest bill or would it be better off in something like...
  4. 4GH1RH

    Split equity loan into two loans?

    Hi all Currently have no PPOR but IP1 with 210K IO loan with ANZ (Breakfree package) and $110K in equity which I am planning to use together with $45K in savings to finance two properties - PPOR and IP2. To keep tax accounting simple I am guessing I should be drawing two separate equity...
  5. 4GH1RH

    Starting over after 10 years lost in the wilderness!

    Recently logged on to Somersoft again and realised with horror that I was last on here 10 years ago - where did the years go! Ten years ago I was building up to buying my first investment property but like many I never took that step. Here I am again, ten years, ten foreign countries and one...
  6. 4GH1RH

    Implications of strata titled 2x2 duplexes in Qld

    Newbie looking at investing in 2x2 strata titled duplexes with a view to living in one while doing minor renovations/modernization and then after a year or two switching sides and renovating/modernizing the other side and then moving on. Just wondering what the implications of them being...
  7. 4GH1RH

    70% refund of property management fees

    I posted some time ago about significant problems with a property manager. Just to follow up, I did end up getting 70% of the fees refunded by the property manager with no argument.
  8. 4GH1RH

    Can tennants expect cheap electricity tariff?

    Hi Due to work I am have rented out my property south of Cairns and I am renting north of Cairns. The place I am renting is an older rental property with only single tariff electricity supply - Ergon Tariff 11 which has just gone up to 25.38 c/kWh! The cost of running a 280lt hot water...
  9. 4GH1RH

    Cancel PM contract and getting refund in Qld?

    Newbie, first investment property - renting out a house in Cairns since Nov 2011 at $380pw. Appointed PM who charges 8.5% + $6.99pm admin fee. Problems to date include careless omissions in original agreement, days 'missing' on statements (no rent charged), tenants in arrears since...
  10. 4GH1RH

    Can't live in my house don't want to pay rent!

    Hi I rented out my four bedroom house for $380 a week last year when I moved in with my fiancé. I have an interest only offset loan for $210K with ANZ and the house is worth around $400K. I can't move back to my house as (a) I have tenants and (b) it will not be cost effective to move back...
  11. 4GH1RH

    Taking a name off a title without paying stamp duty QLD

    Hi My ex and I bought a house in both our names last February. We are separating and she wants the house in her name only. Is there a way to do this without having to pay stamp duty? Cheers, Cam
  12. 4GH1RH

    We've talked to 4 financial planners.. should we?

    Hi Quicky Summary: - My fiance (37) and I (40) have been together for 2 years. - We plan to marry this year and so want a clear financial plan. - We have a 3 year old son and are trying for another child. - We have 7 investment properties and bought PPOR. - We have a SMSF. - We have...
  13. 4GH1RH

    Ferrari... Thanks Peter Spann!

    The brilliant thread on the cost of owning a Ferrari has been printed out and will be shared with with the boys (and girls) of my Year 7 class. I know they will love the intimate details of life with a Ferrari. And thanks Peter for making it all so real, and so passionate. A cunning way to...
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    Do U Ebay?

    Just curious, do people here Ebay? I am a relative beginner with only a 72 star rating (and 100%) but I would say that Ebay is where I do most of my large item shopping these days. God son's birthday, he wants an Xbox - Ebay. School project, need a digital camera for the kids - Ebay...
  15. 4GH1RH

    Buying land with choice of house? In whos interest is this?

    Saw this today, and thought it was a little odd, and sounds like the developer is fishing for funds which would worry me. How does the stamp duty get reduced - surely you are still paying for a house and land and paying the same total? QUOTE: Queensland’s largest residential developer/house...
  16. 4GH1RH

    Life with a LOC, does it make sense?

    Hi all Thanks to the inspiration of this forum, I think have made my first moves towards my first IP. In the past couple of weeks I have changed from a standard P&I home loan with ANZ to their Equity Manager LOC with the BreakFree package. After valuing my PPOR, they offered a $210K LOC...
  17. 4GH1RH

    What right does a shareholder have to Financial Statements

    My parents have been living in Australia on a 4 year temporary business visa. In this time they have been partners and shareholders in a business. In order to apply for permanent residency, they need the Financial Statements from the business in order to prove that they are finanically stable...
  18. 4GH1RH

    Anyone bought a mobile phone lately?

    My poor old Nokia is dying on me after three years, and a new battery has not helped bring it back to life, so its time for a new phone. (Its been handy for keeping calls short though, it just cuts out after 20 seconds!) I bought the phone outright, and been using a virgin prepaid SIM card...
  19. 4GH1RH

    Sleep At Night Factor - and I haven't done anything yet!

    I was up at 3:30am this morning filling out loan application forms - is this a bad sign? Usually I have no trouble sleeping (I practice regularly) but for some reason not last night! I know from all that I have read that I am doing the right thing, but I guess I am overwhelmed by the choice...
  20. 4GH1RH

    What can I claim on a granny flat?

    If I am constructing a granny flat (bedroom, bathroom, lounge, diningroom, kitchen) on the lower level of PPOR, can I claim any of the costs or depreciate the costs for tax purposes? The construction has been with the intention of renting it out, so i figured I should at least be able to...