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  1. ej89

    Who do I report a developer to?

    Hey, I put a fully refundable holding fee on a H&L package 2 months ago and pulled out not long after. I've called the agent representing the vendor and he has not given my money back. The agent is Starr Partners and they are representing REK Affordable Housing. Who do I report this to and...
  2. ej89

    Is being an owner builder worth it?

    Hey everyone, I've been shopping around with a design for a house to fit my 320sqm block in The Ponds. I was wondering whether it'd be worth managing the project myself? Got quotes for 215-235 from project home builders. House is 172sqm big...I have attached the floorplan.. Anyone have...
  3. ej89

    Valuation questions

    Hey everyone, Just wondering how valuers work with this situation. There was a house right on the train line and on 1000sqm that sold for 380k. It was in a 1 in 100 flood zone. It was about 200k cheaper than other homes in the same suburbs.. How would the valuation for this come through? Do...
  4. ej89

    Why should I get superannuation?

    Hey, I don't know too much about the details of super, but I'm self employed and haven't saved up any super whatsoever. I have put money aside to spend on either property or in my goal saver which is getting me I think 3.5% interest. What are the positives and negatives of having super...
  5. ej89

    Best estate for CG and Cashflow in Brisbane and surrounds.

    Hey guys, One of my mates is in Brisbane this weekend and is looking to get a house and land package as an investment. Looking for 3-4 bedrooms and decent chance of CG with good cashflow. Less than 450k. I think there are a lot of bad areas with no chance of CG. Which would be the no go zones...
  6. ej89

    Any banks give loans based on value of build?

    Hey guys, Was wondering if it's possible for a bank to calculate LVR on completed product rather than what I would pay for it? e.g. I am building a 4 bedder on small land in the Ponds.. Comparable sales vary from 800k to $1m. I will have a completed product with a good builder for 615k. The...
  7. ej89

    On-selling land. What to consider

    Hey, Looking to on-sell some land in Northwest Growth centre and was wondering what costs I should consider? How much is CGT on selling land? Would any GST have to be paid? I've considered the stamp duty I have to pay already and it comes to 9k.
  8. ej89

    Progress payment calculator

    Hey guys, Got land that registers in January and wanna calculate the progress payments on my land and the house I build on it.. Land= 398k Build= 215k Build time 4-6 months I was wondering if anyone has any spreadsheets I can use to calculate my repayments while building
  9. ej89

    Deposit bond/bank guarantee

    Hey guys, I''ll go through my situation and what I'm planning to do. Currently have 55k sitting in my bank account and looking at doing a bank guarantee for two pieces of land using my parents property which has 500k equity in it and/or using my deposit too.. I got a block of land at the...
  10. ej89

    Successful investors who never bought in Sydney. Are there any?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there are any successful investors out there who don't own a single property in Sydney.. I hear a lot of success stories and most of them are because of the boom that's happened in Sydney.. It's a bit hard and intimidating for first time investors in Sydney so...
  11. ej89

    What's gonna stop the Sydney boom?

    I'm young and wasn't old enough to see how the last boom ended.. Does it take an interest rate rise to stop it? Did it just stop over one weekend? Did something happen to the economy? Just seems never ending atm doesn't it.. I mean, how much can a house in Blacktown, Penrith and...
  12. ej89

    Western Sydney property solicitor

    Hey everyone, Can anyone suggest a really good property solicitor in Western sydney who's efficient? I'd rather a solicitor than a conveyancer. My last one was extremely slow and extremely pessimistic about the property market and annoyed the crap out of me. Need one asap so the agent can send...
  13. ej89

    Dual Occ land size

    Hey everyone, Was wondering what size land an attached dual occ home has to be in Sydney? I know in Blacktown it's 400sqm, and the rest is 450sqm for a granny flat but I've seen comments on here saying it can be less if it's attached to the house? I really like the plans of the house...
  14. ej89

    How is land tax calculated?

    Hey, Newbie question but I'm happy to embarass myself with it lol So I hear a lot of people calling for no land tax at the moment in Sydney.. E How is land tax calculated? Is it calculated on the purchase price or the current value? If current value, how is value determined firstly...
  15. ej89

    Old surrounded by new

    I'd seen an older house still in good condition selling for around the 370k mark and found out that a large developer has bought out majority of the suburb because they are housing commission homes and now they are selling off the land for people to build new houses and about 20% is left, with...
  16. ej89

    Legals regarding unregistered land.

    I heard that in VIC, developers can charge a maximum of 10% of the land price up front to the buyer of the lands that they have subdivided if the lot isn't registered. Is there any law that is similar to this in NSW? How could I find this information out?
  17. ej89

    Developer wants access to funds

    Hey everyone, Put a fully refundable holding fee on a House and land package in Riverstone. The solicitors have only given me the land contract which comes to 324k for 324sqm but they want me to pay 10% of the whole house and land package but put that towards the land contract and not the...
  18. ej89

    Dual living double storey

    Hey everyone, Unsure where to post this thread so figured maybe do it here. Please move it if you have to. Am looking at getting a piece of land in Western Sydney (i've registered for many different estates). Looking at a 300sqm block of land as it's most affordable. I'm looking to get married...
  19. ej89

    .25% lost or refundable?

    Hey guys, I had put .25% down for a house in st marys but when I did the B & P inspection during the cooling off period I found a lot of damage from previous termites and decided to pull out of the deal.. They kept my .25% even though I tried to get it back. Does anybody know the legals behind...
  20. ej89

    Property Investment Calculations-

    Hey everyone. What costs should I include in my calculations to compare the properties im looking at? Is there something I can use to crunch all my numbers and look at my holding costs? Is there also something I can use to see how much equity I would have if I paid using principal+interest too...