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    indian hatred thread ... again

    The Southern Cross has a long history (back to the 19th century) of being associated with nationalist tendencies in this country. Perhaps not everyone with an Aussie Pride sticker plastered on their car is aware of that - nor perhaps the irony of using the German fraktur typeface so beloved of...
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    IP Myths: Unit CG vs House CG

    That houses produce significantly better Cg than units seems to be one of those real estate truisms that gets constantly repeated. I'm no expert but it seems to me that it can't be logically true. If houses constantly significantly outperformed units in capital growth, over the time the price...
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    How to evaluate IPs for yield/CG (spreadsheet?)

    There is a free spreadsheet here that is fairly comprehensive: As you will see there are quite a few expenses beyond mortgage repayments you need to take into account.
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    Recommendations for Financial Advisors in Sydney

    Hi. I'm looking at buying an investment property. Read numerous books, sat on domain etc for months but am thinking I should just get a financial advisor. I'm not particularly interested in spending my spare time number crunching, nor endlessly keeping up-to-date with new regulations etc. Can...
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    Whose suburb data is reliable? Anyone's?!

    But my point is that this data patently isn't reliable. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that 58% of households in Potts Point aren't Single Parent. In fact if you check the ABS stats they claim it's 6.2%, with 80.8% of households being childless couples. Yes I understand that...
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    Whose suburb data is reliable? Anyone's?!

    Hi. I'm just getting started in IP and am trying to do basic research on a number of areas. I'm wondering whose data people use and find to be reliable. I have some concerns about a number of suburb reports available on the web. For example if I look up Potts Point - which I know well - on...
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    Residex Growth Accuracy and any Sydney Tips

    I'm a newbie on here so excuse me if this has been asked before (I have searched). I've just purchased the Residex Top 100 growth report for Sydney and metropolitan NSW. I notice that they come to their conclusions solely on statistical analysis of the last 27 years. This doesn't seem like a...
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    Sydney: Cheap or Midprice house advantages?

    Hello. I'm new to this forum and new to property investing. My wife and I are looking at buying our first investment property/properties. We can probably spend up to 850 grand. We've just received Residex's Top 100 capital growth report on Sydney. Makes interesting, if at times confusing...