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    House in Sydney

    I am looking at buying a house in Sydney not for investment. Wanted some view on suburbs, schools that i should consider. I do have an investment property at the moment which is in Epping. Look forward to some suggestions. I dont know what is a good budget as today nothing seems to be under...
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    Builder - QLD

    [FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]Hi, Would you recommend a good builder in QLD. Looking at contacting few to get some quotes. If you do recommend someone can you also help me with the following Any particular person whom i can contact and are they on SS forum. Whats their...
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    Any good graphic designers?

    I would recommend Austin from He charged me 250 USD for a logo. I have contacted many designers in the past but what i struggled with was time commitment and open communication. Sometimes i had to followup repeatedly to get a freaking response. Austin, on the...
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    Limited Liability :( not happy with the wordings

    Is this standard? If they tear the carpet or damage wall or things who is responsible. what would you do in this instance. Appreciate your help here
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    Limited Liability :( not happy with the wordings

    but it is at the back and have to go through inside the house
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    Limited Liability :( not happy with the wordings

    One of the gas company has sent me a limited liability letter which they want me to sign. However i am not comfortable with the wordings. Need some help on how to respond. If anyone has a letter like this can you please share. This letter basically says that gas company wont be responsible...
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    PM Recommendation - Sydney

    Hi Any recommendation on PM who can manage property in Marsfield area. My current PM seems to come back with some sort of work every month which is quiet strange to me. I am seeing a trend here. Is this something you guys also see. How do we tackle this? Regards b7277
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    Who pays - LL or Tennat

    My property manager came to me with 2 issues 1. The downstairs toilet light switch is coming loose. This is quite dangerous as there is potential for electrocution. 2. The upstairs bathroom vanity taps are leaking - need a new wash In this scenario is it the LL's responsibility to...
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    Thank you FMS. I was worried about some structural damage. They want to install a dish on the roof.
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    As a LL, Do you see any issue approving the tenants to subscribe to Foxtel? Is there anything i need to keep in mind? Regards b7277
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    Recommended Mortgage Broker

    Thank you HD_Ace. Will check out the website.
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    Recommended Mortgage Broker

    Not sure if this is the right forum to raise this question but can someone recommend me to a good mortgage broker and an accountant in Auckland. I am helping my brother with investments and will be in auckland next 2 weeks. Appreciate your help.
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    Strategic Question

    as an example... current property is rented out for 650 p.w So if we choose to find a rented place to capitalize on the tax deductions should the rent be >650 or <650 or it doesnt matter. How do we calculate the capital gain tax. Is there a percentage
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    Strategic Question

    We never lived in it even for a day. What meant to be our home ended up being an investment property. We put 20% towards that property. Someone told us if we stayed in the property for 6+ years from the time we return we don't pay CGT. Is that true
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    Strategic Question

    Hi all, I am in a dilemma at the moment and need some suggestions. We have a property in Sydney which we initially purchased as our home but without staying in the property even for a month we rented it out as we have to move overseas for work. If we go back to Sydney, would it be...
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    15% to 20% increase - Sydney

    I think articles like this is to create the panic and excitment in the market.
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    crazy price!! Sydney outer west

    LoL.. another day and maybe it will drop further. Keen to see what it sells for. 225K maybe.
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    15% to 20% increase - Sydney

    Came across this article this morning. One investor predicts Sydney house prices to skyrocket by 15% to 20% over 2014. what are your thoughts on this...
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    Cadda Ridge Drive, Penrith

    Hi Gurus, any thoughts on the land available for sale at Cadda Ridge Drive. I dont know much about buying land. What are the things to consider. Anyone bought a land in this area? How is this area. Regards b7277
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    1 bedder vs 2 Bedder

    Hi All, Silly question on a Wednesday From an IP perspective, would a 1 bedder which give ~6% rental better than a 2 bedder that gets me only 5% or less. For a long term investment which one is a better option. 1 bedder or 2 bedder? Regards B7277