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    When do I pay my C.G.T. on sale of IP?

    Hi Dale, Am sellin an Ip - will be on market next week, will have had it for 12 months and a week by then - if sold in the next month or so when do i have to pay "my bit" to the bean counters? will it be due after the next financial year (2003)? Many Thanks Denise :confused:
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    Current I.O. products How much?

    Hi Rolf, Many thanks for your quality info as always - will be seeing ya when the I.P. is sold. Thanks again Denise:) :rolleyes: :D
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    Current I.O. products How much?

    Hi Rolf, After some "out of work set backs", I now have a full time job again (at only 1/2 the previous money), but never mind - great people to work with and thats important. I am selling an i.p. next week, (very heavily negatively geared) looks like the tenant is keen to buy, and private...
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    Hi Dale, I feel like i am "reading" lasts weeks M.D.A. T.V. show!!!!!! Maybe ya should get yours doc's to watch it! This is their current storyline, who says "ya carnt leanrn from T.V. showws" Who else thinks Jason Donavans "acting" is appalling? Opps, a bit of the subject I'll book an...
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    Timely reminder

    Hi Dale, What I find interesting about that scenario is the snow ball effect it will have. Do you think that now sets a bench mark figure for agents and vendors in close proximity with similar housing to justify higher asking prices?. Of course we all think our own property is worth more than...
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    Painting disaster! any others have similar problems

    Hi Jakk and Asy Thank you both for the helpful advise - thanks Asy, I will give the old ceiling paint one more go, will follow your product suggestion. Jakk, The boncrete mix sounds very interesting, when you mix it up is it of the consistency to "brush on" the surface, or would you apply...
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    Too good to be true?

    Hi Cornflower, Gosh i love that name, i want to be sunflower or the like! Walk into the opposing R/E business, and say so and so from where ever is selling his property - what have you got similar or better for the same money, what do you think it would rent for, any questions like that. What...
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    Advice on Units please

    Hi Gunna, One question: Why hasnt the tennant bought it - $165.00 week for 15 years to rent - would have be cheaper to purchase it. Wonder what the sale price would have been 5 years ago when he moved in, in relation to the rent at that time. Good luck, sounds like a reasonable deal for you...
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    Painting disaster! any others have similar problems

    Hi Kristine and Bushy Bushy, a question about your painter from the building site - that sounds very interesting - with the oil based thinned 50/50, I can see you would get better coverage, would you then have to coat over this with oil based again? - I know you can do water based followed by...
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    Painting disaster! any others have similar problems

    Hi All Have just painted the bathroom from hell - new villa board walls, etc - I completely ripped old bathroom out and started from new concrete floor upwards to my 15 foot ceiling! Kristine I can now spin on the second to top rung of the ladder! sweat a lot though!!!!. I have saved the entire...
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    Starting out - full time renovating

    Hi jason, First stop before you do anything else is to see your accountant and talk over your plans with him, sure help if he is a skilled small business accountant. I have been advised to set up as a company and declare all income and costs, as will be taxed under normal tax rules. No...
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    Sharing equity with your lender

    banks in joint ownership HI Lotana, I do not agree with Noel Whittakers "anti property" stance in most cases - Sunday he had an interesting response in the Brisbane mail to the Coalitions proposal to make home ownership more affordable - intersting read, another perspective again. Is this...
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    selling soon - help! 'piddly patches' on lawn

    From: Denise Macadam Hello all Looking for a "Lawnamoligist" amongst the crowd! Have very large lawned area and lovely gardens at my PPR - selling in about 5 to 6 weeks time, walk past two large lawned areas to enter the property. Fat dog Sam has left his mark all over the lawns in the form...
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    Biggest one year change in asset prices

    From: Denise Macadam Hello All, Being a weekend its usually a bit slow around here - just read some interesting facts in this mornings Brisbane Courier Mail and hope you wouldn't mind me passing it on here. According to Access Economics we should have been stuffing those old $1 and $2 notes...
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    Adams renovation with photos

    Reply: 1 From: Denise Macadam Adam, Photos!!! - yahoo and thanks Looks great - now, do tell how you did this for $500.00 and was it all done by your good self? What a difference, your own house or an ip? Well done Denise
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    Dave's Renovation with Photo's

    Reply: 2.1 From: Denise Macadam Hi Dave, Come on hurry up !!!!!! Us reno freaks (well definitely me)are looking forward to seeing the photos Photos are my second fav thing in the world, after a paint brush. Hurry Up Dave Denise
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    Streets Ahead?

    Reply: 1.2 From: Denise Macadam Hi Robert, Gosh, what a thing to say - we in Brisbane resemble that remark! Heaps to see and do, how did you IP search go? Denise
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    Bank wont help in any way - Thanks for nothing

    Reply: 1.1.1 From: Denise Macadam Hello Chris, The not so friendly Society is Heritage, hope you do well with your finance. Les Wonderful insightful reply and thank you - i am in thinking mode at present and had thought along the same lines as some of your suggestions. The PPR is...
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    Bank wont help in any way - Thanks for nothing

    From: Denise Macadam Hello All, I read the post from Les on the 18th with great interest as i was in a similar situation myself. I am selling my PPR and moving into the Ip due to redundancy, currently doing some renos to my home and will do the same to the Ip when we move in, reno and on sell...
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    Property guide 2002- Gold Coast/Northern N.S.W.

    From: Denise Macadam Greetings wonderful helpful forum, Thanks Jane, Kristine and Dale - i was reading and re:reading Kristines answer to Joans post, on property renovations as a business. Bloody archive, i have heaps of trouble with that ! - was going to post for more info and answers to the...