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    CGT and cost base

    I have a question regarding CGT and items that can be added to form part of the cost base. Property in question was built brand new and has only be used as an IP These are the items I believe can be added to the cost base: - conveyancer / lawyer costs to sell property - stamp duty paid...
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    Claim interest for IP under construction using e-tax

    Hi there, I am looking to claim the interest costs while my IP was under construction. Has anyone claimed this deduction using e-tax? When going through e-tax, the Rent section asks the question 'Did you earn rental income or was your property available for rent? This seems to be the only...
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    Is interest deductible during construction of a new property intended for rent?

    Hi All, I am currently building a property and it is almost due for completion. My plans are to rent out this property once construction is complete. My question is whether the interest on the loan will be deductible during construction of this property which will be rented out once...
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    Handover of brand new property

    Hi Guys, Just wanted your thoughts of things to check on the day of handover. Here is a list of things I would check. -paint defects (internal & external). -everything on your contract is installed (phone points, power points, tv points, heating & cooling points) -check power points are...