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    ABC TV 730 Report US Property 23rd April 2012

    A serious investigative journalist has spent the last 6+ months putting together a story on some of the scams being operated in the US property market. It took a while but we got there in the end. I suspect it will become compulsory viewing for anyone contemplating a US property purchase as it...
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    Buying FROM the US Govt - Deceased Estate, Sheriff auctions..

    I watched CNN on this (along with everyone else) and thought this morning I would have a go at finding the house - who knows, deceased estate's and Sheriff Auctions are often very good buys.... I have clearly spent WAY WAY WAY too much time working out properties addresses (from loathsome...
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    97% finance FWIW. From my outstanding broker (Although always check with Rolf on SS)

    Sadly, he cant do these deals for me on US property. Try though he might... It might help someone here..... or not:) All I ask (Keith?) is don't shoot the messenger:)
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    US foreclosures - Boholt Seminars - NO

    I have been investing in US property since '98. I wrote some posts on it years ago on this site so you can check up on it if you wish. It has done me very well and interestingly my portfolio hasn't dropped in value since the peak in '06. Depends what you have, but I digress. Some years ago (and...
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    LMI - Get this!

    From: Jeremy Laws Whilst trying to buy a hovel without Xing loans, I heard a new comment from a mortgage insurer. I don't know which one it was but it came through AMP. It appears it was probably GE. "We won't do it because we are not in the business of helping with peoples wealth creation"...
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    Taking 'Freestyling' to a new level

    From: Jeremy Laws Had to put this in, though it in no way implies TW, 'freestyling' (is this now a trade mark?), or any meeting/people associated with our Aussie property friends had anything to do with the attacks. As my American friends say 'How to Make out like a Bandit' Osama Bin...