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  1. Terry_w

    Looking for Book on Loans

    Many years ago I purchased a book on loans and interest. It clearly outlined how interest is charged and added to the loan in a very easy to understand way. It also discussed how to pay the home loan off sooner and other topics. From a tax point of view it was not good advice as they recommended...
  2. Terry_w

    Rate reductions after the May 5 rate cut

    Combank is quick off the mark to pass on part of the RBA rate reduction
  3. Terry_w

    Have you consider where 'your' Trust goes when you die?

    Continuing on from the Have you consider where your super goes when you die? thread Talking about discretionary trusts here. Thanks for fixing Sim!
  4. Terry_w

    Have you consider where your super goes when you die?

    There are an increasing number of court cases involving super death benefits. As super gets larger and large these sort of disputes are expected to increase.
  5. Terry_w

    Why it may be a good idea to use a company to own property

    Companies are generally not recommended for holding growth assets in. This is mainly because: 1. No access to the 50% CGT discount 2. Income does not retain its character - e.g. capital gains incurred by the company come out to the shareholders as dividends and no capital gains. But...
  6. Terry_w

    Free NSW OSR webinars for land tax

    I just found this email in my overloaded inbox. May be of interest... Thank you.
  7. Terry_w

    Robin Williams?s Widow and Children Tangle Over Estate

    Interesting to see disputes already arising in this sad case. Robin Williams?s Widow and Children Tangle Over Estate Nearly six months after the death of Robin Williams, the Academy Award-winning actor and comedian, his widow and his children have become engaged in a contentious legal...
  8. Terry_w

    SMSF Loans and Personal Guarantees

    St George was a lender that did not require personal guarantees from members for the SMSF loans if the SMSF could service on its own. This has now changed with personal guarantees required from all members starting from today - no exceptions. Does anyone else know of a SMSF lender who does...
  9. Terry_w

    Trusts and Asset Protection

    A lot of people have a simplistic view of asset protection = trusts. It doesn't! following on from Please discuss
  10. Terry_w

    Who will you leave it all to?

    Most people on the forum are building up an empire of multiple properties. If you were to die (when, not if:)) who do you intend to leave it all to?
  11. Terry_w

    Fettering Discretions

    What the **** is a Fetter you may ask? Just read a great little article which is a timely reminder for trustees and those with interests in trusts. A fetter is some sort of restraint or something that restricts freedom. There is a legal principle that trustees of trusts must make their...
  12. Terry_w

    Estate Planning Gone Wrong

    Here is an interesting article about the estate of the late Michael Hutchinson of INXS. "Worth" around $30million he died with assets of just over...
  13. Terry_w

    Not enough talk of SMSFs

    I think we should discuss SMSFs and the various strategies more on somersoft. This is a huge area that most people know little to nothing about and there are heaps of stategies out there with many strategies involving property. These strategies become increasingly more attractive as we get older...
  14. Terry_w

    Trip to Hong Kong

    HI a few weeks I (and daughter) will be stopping over in Hong Kong for 2 nights on the way back to Australia. I have never been there before and have no idea on where to stay or what to do, what to see etc. Has anyone any tips?
  15. Terry_w

    Asset Protection Tips

    Here is a tip for young players. When purchasing property consider the 'structure' of the ownership of the property and the short term and long term asset protection issues. structure doesn't necessarily mean ownership via a trust structure. When a couple are purchasing property they...
  16. Terry_w

    Asset Protection: What do you want to know

    I am doing some research on the topic for asset protection for a book I am writing (planning several different books on various topics). I have been making a list of asset protections strategies and am up to 129 so far. can I ask people is there anything in particular you want to know about...
  17. Terry_w

    Different ways to own property

    There are really only 3 ways to own a property: 1. Sole owner 2. Joint Tenants (JT) 3. Tenants in Common (TIC) The main difference with a JT and TIC ownership relates to what happens on death: JT - if one owner dies the suriving owner(s) get the deceased's 'share'. An interest in a JT...
  18. Terry_w

    Trusts and Death

    Following on from my post on SMSFs and death I would like to point out what happens to 'your' trusts when you die. A trust is not a legal person or entity but a relatonship between the trustee, the property and the beneficiaries. A trustee owns the property for the beneficiary. If a trustee...
  19. Terry_w

    Super and Death

    Not many people realise that super does not form part of a person?s estate at death. Super is money held on trust for a member and until that member receives it the money is not legally their money. So when you die your will doesn?t cover what happens with your ?member benefits?. It is the...
  20. Terry_w

    Your Final Main Residence?

    Just wondering what people expect to do upon 'retirement'. Do you intend to downgrade into a small house? upgrade to a dream home? Rent out the PPOR and travel? Move into an investment property and sell the PPOR tax free?