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    How to extract equity out of a property?

    Hello I have one property which I purchased about 3 years ago. I am looking to buy another one by using equity (if any) from my existing property. My current loan is with Westpac. I went to Westpac, they said in order to value and see how much we can pull out they would need to apply...
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    Weekly vs Monthly Interest Payments Explained

    Hello I currently have one loan with Westpac. Paying interest only. I am repaying the loan on a Monthly basis. I realize that if I was to pay weekly, my total interest repayment would be smaller as I won't be paying interest on interest. I called Westpac today and they said that I...
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    Buying in Melbourne (my 2nd property) tips

    Hi Guys I currently hold one property in Elwood (apartment) and am looking to purchase my second one. I have released equity from my initial property and am looking to buy a new one around the 300-350k mark in Melbourne. I'm looking for a property with land which I can potentially develop...
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    Looking for a 5%er Accountant

    Hey Guys! I am looking for an Accountant who is themselves financially free in Melbourne. Any recommendations? Thanks! Val.
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    First Home Owners Grant/Trust

    I am a first home buyer and will be living in the residence for the first 6 months to be eligible to claim the grant. After 6 months, I would like to rent this property out. Question 1: If i wanted to transfer this property into a brand new trust after the initial 6 months what fees would...
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    PAYG Income Tax Withholding Variation Application (ITWV)

    Hi, I am brand new to this forum and was interested in finding out about ITWV. Has anyone applied for this Tax Withholding, if so, how does it work in simple terms? Appreciate it. Val.