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    Homes built 1986 to 1987

    Hey Mark, Great Idea. Now where cookin. I must say thank you guys for the quick response times. You guys Rock. Lee
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    Homes built 1986 to 1987

    You guys are amazing with the numbers. In relation to buying etc One thing you have to remember here is that it was a challenge for me to find these areas and not for any other reason. So the question remains where would you go to find where the developments were around that time. Lee
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    Homes built 1986 to 1987

    Hi Guys, I have been given a challenge and was hoping you guys might be able to help me. According to my friend for those years that a property was built you can claim 4% depreciation. So he has challenged me to find areas where properties were being built around that time. I thought this...
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    Thanks guys for all your input.
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    Hi Guys, I have an opportunity to purchase a property in Bundy. I have heard a lot of negative things about buying property in Qld in General so Im a little nervous. Can anybody recommend a solicitor that could help me. I have one in melbourne but he says the laws are so different up their...
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    Promoting Tennant on OTP Purchase

    Hi Guys, What is the 'normal' procedure to Tennant an OTP Purchase. The property is expected to settle in mid Feb. Thanks in advance
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    Establishing a Trust After Purchase Date

    Hi guys and gals, Can anybody solve this little pickle: Purchase Date: March 2002 for $390,000 Settlement Date: April 2003 The contact luckily had and/or nominee. I have upto 14 days prior to settlement to tell vendor who I am nominating. I want to establish a Hybrid...
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    Community Library

    Hi Andrew, I would be more than happy to borrow your videos. Lee
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    Estimating buy price

    Here Goes Without putting all my Calculations in how does $161,593.33 sound. Fingers Crossed.
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    Passive Income

    I'm always inspired.:D
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    Passive Income

    In realestate terms what is Passive Income. eg House Income $10,000 pa (Rent) Loan Repayments $ 9,000 Expenses $500 so for the year your cash positive $500. I would say that my Passive Income is $500.