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    What could I borrow for IP ??

    I am wondering what my borrowing capacity may be based on the following ? - Work salary $47,000 pa - Wife's Income $17,000 pa - I owe $156,000 on PPOR - Value of PPOR - $480,000 - 1 child with another on the way - No Personal loans, no Credit card debt - Other assets - Car valued at...
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    Fixed Interest or Variable Loans

    I am looking at my options for moving to a fixed interest rate on my PPOR. I am thinking of splitting 50/50 Fixed and Variable. What is the feeling of other borrowers with this strategy after the 2nd rate rise in 2 months ?? BRC
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    Fixed 5yr Interest rates

    Rolf, So in your opinion, locking into a 5yr Fixed rate for my PPOR around 6.79% may be a smart move ? BRC
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    Fixed 5yr Interest rates

    Hi, I am wandering what other peoples opinions are re Interest rate rises when BIS Scrapnel are predicting a rise in rates to between 9 and 10% by 2006 ? Is it woth locking in to a 5yr Fixed rate now on my PPOR in order for me to maybe free up some money to buy an IP in the next 12 months ...
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    Rental Prices

    Can anyone put me onto a good source for finding rental figures for Brisbane suburbs ? I am mainly interested in 3 and 4 bedrooms homes + the demographics of a particular suburb. ie Singles/Families etc Thanks in advance.
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    Redlands Shire

    I currently live in Cleveland and have seen good capital growth on my PPOR in the last 12 months. Does anyone think that good capital growth will continue in the Redlands shire over the next 2 to 3 years ? I feel that the area may maintain good growth due to interstate migration with people...
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    Good Accountant in the Redlands Shire ?

    From: Brett Charlton Hi, Does anyone know of a good Accountant/Property Investor in the Redlands Shire (QLD), in particular Cleveland ? I am looking for someone to do this years Tax returns as well as get good advice on Financial/Property Investment matters + structure options. Thanks in...
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    Buying IP's in a Company name

    From: Brett Charlton Hi, I was wondering what the Pros and Cons are in regards to buying IP's within a Company Structure rather than personally ? Are there any extra Tax advantages with doing this ? I have read that a lot of the benefits of buying via Family Trusts have been removed. I do...
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    Do I need more Equity ?

    Reply: From: Brett Charlton Thank you for your feedback everyone !!I am relatively new to Property Investment and need to learn HEAPS more yet. I have just subscribed to API magazine and am currently reading Jan Somers new book. Hopefully my knowledge will increase enough to...
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    Do I need more Equity ?

    Reply: 1.1 From: Brett Charlton Rolf, I will have an Income this year of around $45,000.00. I have no other debts ie Car loans/Credit Card debts. Brett C
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    Do I need more Equity ?

    From: Brett Charlton I have about $100,000.00 equity in our home worth about $270,000.00 in Brisbane. How much equity do I need to buy my first IP ? BrettC