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    Micro kitchen

    Saw this on reddit and thought some here might be interested. mini_kitchen_for_the_studio_apartment/ It belongs to this sub reddit called Tiny Houses:
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    Entire residential building for sale on Gold Coast (30 apartments)

    I think they might get $11-13m for it, what do you reckon?
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    How do you hang your toilet roll? Paper facing in or out?

    In a similar note to the eating habits and pegging clothes threads, how do you hang your toilet roll? Despite being an apparently trivial topic many people hold strong opinions on the matter. The choice is largely a matter of personal preference however in a recent survey of consumers, 72% of...
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    Today I learned...

    A 15yo Chinese tourist carved "Ding Jinhao was here" in a 3,500yo Egyptian temple and the Chinese are very ashamed of him. Hong Kong (CNN) -- Parents of a 15-year-old Chinese tourist have apologized after the teenager defaced a stone sculpture in an ancient Egyptian temple with graffiti...
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    Australia's 10 best paid jobs

    How many surgeons does it take to earn a billion dollars? A bit more than 3,000 according to latest tax figures.
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    lottery winners

    This English lad won £9,736,131 (then US$15.4m) on the National Lottery in November 2002, aged 19. He blew it on illegal drugs, prostitutes and gambling and declared himself bankrupt on 18th February, 2010. In May, 2010, it was reported that Michael had applied for a job as a bin man and...
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    The Wealth Report 2013

    This year's wealth report came across my desk, download here.. Irrelevant to many but it's interesting to see how the ultra wealthy invest. The Wealth Report provides the definitive global perspective on prime...
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    guns in the US

    I have just about given up on this whole gun debate. The link is the latest insanity of some Americans and their love of guns. Glad my kids don't go to school there and if they did I would move out. I'd probably move countries too.
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    Ecuador ranks as top place to retire (for Americans)

    I wanted to post this in the early retirement thread but note its been locked. This was posted on a board I frequent for Thailand expats but thought it may interest some who wish to retire overseas.
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    an open letter to Simone Semmens

    Hi Simone, Just want to say I admire the leap you've made from news reader to property mogul and ask you a few questions if I may. Please reply by PM if you don't feel comfortable answering on a public forum or consider them too personal. 1) did your high income play a significant role in...
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    whats the difference between everyone and everybody?

    Can anyone explain the difference between using the words "everyone" and "everybody"? I think they are 100% interchangeable and its just a US vs UK thing?
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    can't give kudos on mobile devices

    Heads up, I can't give kudos on the S3. When I click on the scales I get the pop up and can click "give kudos" but can't give any feedback because the pop up disappears when you start typing into it. It's also impossible to register on this forum using an o'seas IP address so friends have...