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    Anyone bought property in philippines

    Do you plan to live in Phil's or stay in Oz? What type of property do you plan to buy? Investment or residence? Foreigners can't buy house or land in Phil's, only condos where 60% of the complex is owned by locals. You can buy house/land in a corporation but make sure you have trustworthy...
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    places to retire cheaply

    75 cents for a haircut (30 peso) but I normally go to a nice salon and pay 50 peso :p 85 cents for a San Miguel Light or Brown ;) I lived in Thailand for 5 years and agree with some points Dex makes. Thais generally can't be trusted and they all lie. I think it's changed a lot in...
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    Missing Malaysia airline.

    That guy copied his post from a guy on Reddit who first came up with it but the guys at aren't giving the shadowing theory a lot of credit.
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    Joke Thread

    A programmers wife sends him to the store and says "get some bread, and while you're there pick up some eggs". The programmer never came back.
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    Missing Malaysia airline.

    Similar thing happened to a light aircraft heading from Perth Australia to Leonora Australia 13 years ago. Plane Crashes in Australia, All Eight Aboard Dead
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    Missing Malaysia airline.

    The 777 has one of the best glide ratios at >20:1 which means it can glide 20 feet for every foot of drop. If the pilot turned around and maintained text book air speed of 210 knots at 35,000 feet the plane could be 100nm in another direction. In freefall it would take 2-4 minutes to hit the...
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    Missing Malaysia airline.

    Very strange for no distress signal so it's either rapid decompression, bomb or pilot suicide. The 777 is one of the safest modern airframes and has been in service since the mid 90s. It has only been in 3 accidents. Two involved a faulty oil heat exchange design in the engines and the most...
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    What steps do i need to sue a dog owner?

    Sorry to hear of your loss, 12 yrs is like family. This might be a bit corny but maybe your kids will get something out of it.
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    Name my business!

    "Lucky Prosperous Fat Cheese Monkey Finance" has a nice ring to it.
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    Are you ready for Australia Day

    Happy Australian day from Puerto Galera
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    Any scuba divers here?

    Don't bother with the tungsten, its not worth the extra and adds nothing to the reg. And don't bother with the nitrox version either unless you're doing accelerated deco - all Apex regs do nitrox mixes up to 40% out of the box (EAN40) so it's more a marketing ploy. The guts of the XTX200 second...
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    Weddings today

    You just need to be strong and say no.. avoid the marriage bullet and you will have an awesome life.
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    RIP Nelson Mandela

    Mandela ordered bombs in the car park of Ellis Park to kill and injure random rugby fans and some would call this terrorism and not freedom fighting but American presidents, British Prime ministers and many other leaders of states have ordered attacks that would kill civilians in times of war...
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    Bitcoins & Litecoins - Real Estate

    A lot of merchants who deal with them use a service to instantly convert all transactions to dollars so the bitcoin price itself doesn't matter. Official Statement from People's Bank of China...
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    ATO Data Matching and Tax Evasion

    I'd always been a resident until I moved to Thailand in 2007. My accountant notified me I was non res about 2-3 years after my departure. All my share dividend notices have "Non Resident" recorded next to my TFN/ABN status but I'm not sure how that came about or what made the ATO decide to...
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    ATO Data Matching and Tax Evasion

    The last time I was in Oz was 2 years ago for a week's visit but apart from the 183 day test how else can they decide if I'm a resident? I spend about 6-8 months of the year in Hong Kong and split the rest of the time between Thailand and Bali. I made the cap gain from selling a property in Oz.
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    ATO Data Matching and Tax Evasion

    I'd love to spend a few days in Oz every year to become classified a resident but it won't work. Why are you guys talking like there's some advantage to being non resident? The only benefit I can see is not having to declare rental income from my overseas property. The biggest downside of being...
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    ATO Data Matching and Tax Evasion

    Blacky, are you a non resident for tax purposes? It's strange the ATO are asking for the dates you were in/out of Oz when they can access this info easily. I think they have a lot of powers but I don't give them too much credit for ingenuity. Oh yeah, I upload THOSE pics and vids to the cloud...
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    Rudd vAbbott

    Tried to give kudos but gotta spread them. Did anyone see Rudd did an AMA on Reddit a few days ago which attracted more than 9,500 comments. Abbot should also make himself available for anyone to ask him questions. i_am_kevin_rudd_the_prime_minister_of_australia/
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    False flag?

    The image of the West as War Criminals is a portrait the West has painted itself. It's not an image created by enemies of the West. Washington and its British and French puppet governments are poised to yet again reveal their criminality after declaring that Syria can be attacked without UN...