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  1. jazzlobber

    Melbourne middle/outer eastern suburbs madness?

    nice enough looking gaff, strange all blinds are pulled in most shots, natural light obviously not important here?
  2. jazzlobber

    Melbourne middle/outer eastern suburbs madness?

    vol builders like PD always offer basic windows in base package, ie 3mm glass in cheap alum frames, they are neither thermally efficient nor attractive, getting decent glazinng ie doubles with high/low U value & SHGF in thermally broken or wooden frames appropriate for Melbourne probably cost...
  3. jazzlobber

    Melbourne middle/outer eastern suburbs madness?

    No way in 2 years the price of land there wasn't that cheap, are you sure? that's gotta be wrong. you cant get a 600m2 block in forest hill for less than 650-700K now and your dreaming of 285K for a 48sq Waldorf by porter davis reckon prices to do it now would be..... a 650sqm land @...
  4. jazzlobber

    Melbourne middle/outer eastern suburbs madness?

    Yes looks to be a bog standard Waldorf with el cheapo windows
  5. jazzlobber

    Melbourne middle/outer eastern suburbs madness? 1.42million for a kath -n- kim style McMansion in forest hill on 627m2, i thought i was mad but who is paying these kinds of prices. it seems there's some desperation to get property at any price these days!
  6. jazzlobber

    Retired folk, care to share with us?

    Y-man, thanks for sharing your story, it sounds like you were very very leveraged and double dipping, I believe margin loans are for the muppets. The main lenders charge about 9-10% currently on these accounts, unless you have a cyrstal ball and can pick em well its very risky to buy stocks...
  7. jazzlobber

    MCC Membership

    thanks obsession, Yes i know the atmosphere is great thats one of the things i enjoy most, the AFL games are far better live when compared to watching on the box. I would say i'd be more into the cricket as its taken me a few years to understand and get into the aussie rules game. The...
  8. jazzlobber

    MCC Membership

    Gordon, thanks for the comments, yes i'm aware that members kids are not automatically granted membership but i'm sure a lot of them are on the list soon as. Yes i know there's no means or class test to get in, but just it appears that there is effectively discrimination against you in the...
  9. jazzlobber

    MCC Membership

    Rixter correct, this is an options but i'm also told/researched that: You can only access something like a maximum of 6 times a year in the MCG with a WACA membership The WACA now has a waiting list but i believe its not a very long wait. You are also supposedly required to show proof...
  10. jazzlobber

    MCC Membership

    good for you toony, sounds like to need to try and get to the G more often and get some value for money outta that membership
  11. jazzlobber

    MCC Membership

    buzz i think the wait for reserve is 15years approx so you will be waiting just a few more years at most.
  12. jazzlobber

    MCC Membership

    thanks mate, i think there are many advantages, tickets to grand final pretty much guaranteed full strenght beer better views / positioning for the cricket good value for money on season tickets for what you get no waiting outside on long queues with the rest of the great unwashed
  13. jazzlobber

    MCC Membership

    Anyone on the forum here, know of a good technique to get proposer and seconder for membership of MCC??, would like to get my son on list as i'll probably be about 60, if i applied for myself with a 25yr or so wait, not that i know a single person that is a member. it appears to be quite an...
  14. jazzlobber

    homeground services?

    Is it a good idea to rent your property to a housing agency, its likely to be tenanted by homeless or refugees and they may be harder on the property but you are dealing with a government organisation rather than individual tenants. They are offering 3month up front etc, good idea or...
  15. jazzlobber

    Anyone had Lasik or Laser Eye Surgery? Please share your experience

    House Keeper, Give us an update, did you get the surgery, how did it all go?
  16. jazzlobber

    Feedback on Oak Park, VIC property

    $250 pw for 480K property is a shocking bad yield, nice to have 700m2; especially for a suburb only 12k from cbd backing onto railway line is not good. you would be lucky to get 2 townhouses and a unit on 700 i guess it costs 15-20k to knock and probably 150-200 to build the townhouses...
  17. jazzlobber

    New Purchase in Melbourne

    In my opinion: Dont trust a single word the agent tells you and never give away anything to him either, they represent their client i.e. the vendor. The agent is entitled to do what he wants, if you play games with dirt you end up with crud all over your hands
  18. jazzlobber

    Foxtel/Plasma/LCD questions

    dude, i wouldn't waste my money on foxtel, the picture resolution is much poorer than terristal SD and HD, get the TV, plasma or LCD, personally i would prefer a plasma with better black for movie watching etc. I'm not sure if you can get the sport on HD with foxtel, if you can you will pay...
  19. jazzlobber

    "First homebuyers boom is over"

    I think not, i predict small drops in lower end but mostly flat for the next 18-24 months, back to looking again in 1.5 years, no reason at all to buy now, i'm talking about melbourne here
  20. jazzlobber

    Werribee, why has it done so badly these past few years?

    Spiderman, that would be good for Werribee, but i read in the link that its just 'on the cards', what does p9 or p12 mean?