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  1. House Hunter

    Maryborough QLD - Property Manager Recommendation

    I am wondering if anyone on SS has an IP in Maryborough and has it managed by a property manager? I am currently at the back end of a reno and will be looking to lease it soon. Can anyone recommend a property manager or has anyone had any bad experiences?
  2. House Hunter

    Damage to property between signing contract and settling

    Hi guys, I am currently putting an offer on a property which is owned by a company that provides housing to the disadvantaged. The house has a lot of cosmetic damage and the place is in dire need of some serious work. The current tenants are not happy about the house being put on the...
  3. House Hunter

    First IP Tax, Depreciation and Documentation

    Hi Guys, I have a few questions around tax and the depreciation of my first IP. My wife and I are currently living in the property until the 12 month window required for the stamp duty concession runs out on the 27th of June. I am going to get a depreciation schedule completed on...
  4. House Hunter

    95% LVR for Subsequent IP's???

    Hi Guys, I have been snooping aroung SS for many months now and have been picking up lots of valuable information. My wife and I have just made our first purchase in Gympie, Qld so I decided to make the jump and post on the forum to get some feedback. Our first property was purchased...