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    Property in child's name

    Hello My daughter (20+) is studying in Melbourne Uni and will be there for at least three more years. Currently she is paying half of the rent for the shared apartment which is around 1000 dollars a month. Thus the rent is about 24k per year for the two bedroom apartment. At 6% interest...
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    Advice on First Loan

    Hi! Wanted an advice after getting enough confused with the agents. Recently migrated to Australia and happy to inform that I am buying our first home (PPOR) at 450 k. Will rent it out to the owner for six months initially and then move in the house, getting the FHOG. Have some funds...
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    Renting of PPOR

    Hi, My first question here. Thanks in advance for the replies. This is an ocean of knowledge here! Please direct me to the threads if these questions are already replied. I recently moved to Perth. New to property investment. Learning from this forum. Deal finalized for my first...