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  1. knightm

    Thankyou somersoft

    When I first read the forum was closing, I began to experience disturbing emotions. I have spent a lot of time over the years exploring these with myself and others. In case you experience the same, Here is a summary of the likely culprits. If you feel any of these, don't worry you are just...
  2. knightm

    Cost of drainage easement

    So...I am currently in negotiations over purchase of a stormwater easement down a boundary to try and make a small development site viable for someone I know. There are some wildly differing opinions about a sensible cost to pay the neighbours. I am also trying to make sure everyone is well...
  3. knightm

    Dear Diary...

    Dear Diary... (This is for my own referencing in future years. Feel free to ignore, or comment, its up to you. ) "Its March 2015, you just fixed 2 loans at 4.49% for 5 years. In the future you will come to regret or celebrate this decision. In fairness, it seemed like a good idea at the...
  4. knightm

    St George 5 yrs fixed

    Did St George 5 yrs fixed rate just drop recently or have I been asleep? I vaguely remember it being 4.99 for a while and just noticed in the local branch an ad saying 4.49
  5. knightm

    Top 3 for unit growth?

    Did anyone see this? Interesting not many would have predicted Adelaide and Wollongong to be in the top 3 I think. Inner Sydney was always going to have a good year but out of reach of many at that price point...
  6. knightm

    Builder next door damaged my car

    So... Perhaps the collective wisdom here can help me steer a course through mildly troubled waters. I built in a new estate. It is mostly built out now, but opposite me a house just went up. In the last rush of construction in the 2 weeks prior to Christmas there were heaps of trades...
  7. knightm

    Happy New Year All!

    To all the good folk (and the rest of us that may not be classed as 'good') on the good ship. Happy New Year - sincerely. I am looking forward to 2015 being a great one. One to remember. I am excited, but more than that I have a stern resolve and calm expectation of really good things to...
  8. knightm

    Aero house?

    Anyone heard of these guys?
  9. knightm

    RP Data Cycle comparison report Has this been posted elsewhere? Sorry if it has I didn't see it. I think its very interesting to compare where we are at currently with the last cycle and think about what is the same vs what is different... I...
  10. knightm

    Best questions to ask to ensure success?

    I have been intrigued for a while by this quote: "Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers." Tony Robbins I have been applying it to several areas of my life. What questions do you think are really good ones to ask in real estate, to maximise...
  11. knightm

    NSW Unemployment rates by region

    This was posted deep in a thread somewhere - I lost it and I thought it deserved its own thread. NSW Unemployment by region. Riverina and Orana fair very well indeed. Shoalhaven not quite as well, but...
  12. knightm

    Xero + Reciept Bank: Thoughts?

    So I have been thinking about switching to xero and using reciept bank as the "add on" service to make all my bookkeeping receipt management super easy. It seems like the ultimate time saver and will increase my deductions through not missing out on any lost receipts. Primary use is the...
  13. knightm

    Malala youngest ever winner of peace prize

    Malala Yousafzsai wins Nobel Peace Prize at 17 - youngest ever recipient. I think that is really cool. Well done Nobel team.
  14. knightm

    Residex Quarterly Report

    Grab a cup of prune juice, or whatever takes your fancy, and have a read.
  15. knightm

    More pain for coking coal industry
  16. knightm

    small dev structure question

    please delete mods ta
  17. knightm

    Structure to develop and sell/hold

    Buddy of mine is eyeing off a house with battle-axe potential. GR of around 1 mill on completion. Wants to probably sell the original house and keep new one for long term. It has yield potential in the 5% range and excellent CG prospects. He is considering a unit trust for all the reasons...
  18. knightm

    Commercial Mortgage Brokers Hello out there???

    I posted this in finance section too, sorry mods if you need to merge one that is fine I wasn't sure who was going to look at either thread. Who are the best small commercial brokers for lending to small investors and businesses needing comm loans. I have had 2 friends recently wanting to...
  19. knightm

    RP Data Quarterly Review Australia Aug 14

    Dunno if this has been posted yet, feel free to discuss.
  20. knightm

    Another inflammatory headline