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    Tenant just sms to cancel viewing Sat morning

    My IP is in WA. Last Friday tenant gave me 13 days notice that she was breaking lease and moving out. On Wednesday I sms her (no email address) to confirm Sat 10am viewing ok. She said yes. Advertised and have prospects ready to inspect. 11 hours to go and she sms me to cancel and say she...
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    Signed new contract but no money handed over

    Hi, My IP is in WA. New tenant signed the tenancy form but hasn't come up with the bond or rent so not moved in. Was supposed to move in last week. Can't get the centrelink loan for it and she is not answering my messages. I'm readvertising for new tenants. Is there something I need to do...
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    External door broken

    Hi, The tenant reported the glass in the external door is broken and she doesn't know how it happened. Does she need to pay for the replacement? It's cheaper to replace the door than the glass. Thanks for your help.
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    Turning carport into an enclosed garage

    My 4 x 1 house in Armadale WA has a single carport for parking. It is brick and tile with carport under the same roof. New tenant had a ute he is doing up (well one day it will be I am sure) and 2 other cars that the family uses. He asked for a shed to put the ute in. Shed won't fit out the...
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    Management Software

    I'm self managing my property in WA. I have been using which is ok. What other programs do self managers use?
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    front garden

    My IP has a front garden area of around 5 x 4 m of sandy dead grass. Its in Armadale WA. I'd like to make it an easy care garden or area where tenants don't need to do anything but it will still present well. I was thinking of putting down mulch with heaps of drought resistant plants. A...
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    Maybe tenants - 21 year old looking after sisters aged 16 and 17

    I started self managing my IP in August last year and had AAA grade tenants who are moving to Sydney - looking for a property to rent in Penrith if someone wants them. 2 cats and did I mention - best tenants ever. New maybes are 21 year old male and his 2 sisters who are 16 and 17 (years 12...
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    Vendor Finance

    Which banks will go with Vendor Finance - the sort where I buy the property and I pay the vendor back in a couple of years? Where is a good place to go for advice?
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    Asbestos Shed - Keep or Remove

    At the back of my (just settled) 1970's house is a built on shed (2m x 3m with asbestos sheeting - a man cave of sorts. One of the asbestos sheets is split from top to bottom. Do I remove the shed completely or do I paint it all and hope that seals it? Could the tenants sue me down the track...