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    wrong stamp duty charged

    I assume they were on the one contract? As mentioned the Office of state revenue like to maximise their rake and as such if the transaction looks the same then they will levy stamp duty as if they are the same. We nearly got...
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    New Split System?

    Just installed a Daikin 3.5 / 4 reverse cycle system for $1350. Found him through Ebay and was a bit sus when I had to pay $1000 as deposit but was all good. they came out on the day and time promised and installed back to back. We had a separate electrician install cable. We were already...
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    End of an Era

    Thanks Ian and Jan for the years of support. I commend you on the decision to allow Sim to continue the good work that you have started. I am sure that Sim will continue his best efforts and I will fully support him in his endeavors. Question for Sim. Are you planning to copy the picture...
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    Concrete cancer

    Is it possible to get some perspective shots to get a visual of what it is. Sounds like its just an awning rather than an actual balcony. Unfortunately even if you were to cut if off the rust will have gone further than the damage you can see. If you had clean concrete rather than the...
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    Concrete cancer

    Looks pretty serious from the limited picture supplied. We have done extensive concrete cancer repairs and they didn't look as serious to start as you pic. It is very expensive to fix as all the rusted rods need to be fully exposed and cleaned up or removed and replaced. We have spent an...
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    $58K to start with and read on

    Hi Mflying You are a truly driven individual working very hard to make it all happen. I take my hat of to you and hope to catch up one day. Also congrats on the BA status - more hard work that will bring many rewards. Cheers
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    Electrcity Charges - Granny Flat

    Maybe you should read the rest of my comment rather than just see what you want to see and understand. I will requote for your edification As Marg has already mentioned if they take you to the tribunal Tenant B would, in all likelyhood, be awarded all their electricity costs back from you...
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    Lots of money - what to do with it?

    How about talking to the person who is giving you $400K a year as obviously they would have some ideas on investing having accumulated a lot of spare cash or are running a very profitable business. Unless they happen to be drug dealers.:eek:
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    Electrcity Charges - Granny Flat

    They can't refuse to pay the electricity supplier as the account is in their name. As Marg has already mentioned if they take you to the tribunal Tenant B would, in all likelyhood, be awarded all their electricity costs back from you. They could even go for more costs such as moving costs phone...
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    Sly Budget Changes

    Hi Paul My guess would be that it is a combination of the $20,000 immediate write off, effective from the 12th May and the standard depreciation deduction available under the 'old' rules that apply from 1.7.1014 till the 30th june 2014. Cheers
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    What's the best fixed rate currently available

    Hi all Haven't time to do a lot of homework as of to Thailand on hols. Just found that an interest only loan was switched to P & I. They hit me for a $5600 principal payment. Loan is for $750k lender is CBA on their wealth package so get a whole .15% discount. Currently LVR on this portion...
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    Hotel/Accommodation Budget

    Managed to score the penthouse on top of the Four Seasons hotel in Sydney for the 1999/2000 NYE plus days before and after all up I think we had the penthouse for just over 7 days. This is actually privately owned and is not part of the hotel. The floor below that is part of the hotel has the...
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    Bad Friday

    They are actually his helpers. Also its not Santa Claus either but St. Nicholas and it celebrated on the 6th of December.
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    26 properties and still working at my day job (happily)

    Would have to agree with your figures MTR. At least these are pretty well my figures with the same number of properties over in Atlanta. Cheers
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    $2m in 22 months - Rob's story ..

    So never did get the magazine. Bit late now!:D What are you up to now Rob? Cheers
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    New Commercial PM required- Illawarra NSW

    Have yo u spoken to Scott no mates I am sure he can either help you or point you in the right direction. Cheers PS he also answered your question re your slab
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    Who is responsible?

    Terry has already mentioned that the thing to use is a gel. We use this product and you only need to use it once and the cockroach problem is gone for a very long time...
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    Why it may be a good idea to use a company to own property

    This is correct. We can declare $142k gross income for each member of the family. So in total we pay ourselves over $500k gross and pay no individual taxes. This is hardly limiting our income or deferring our income. We simply wouldn't want more than this as personal funds. All reinvestment is...
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    Why it may be a good idea to use a company to own property

    Not sure what you are asking but I think you mean that company is beneficiary of trust. We have that but we also have structures where company owns assets. 100% of shares of company are owned by a trust. Company declares dividend and pays to the trust. Trust distributes to me. Most times money...
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    Why it may be a good idea to use a company to own property

    Hi Paul I am solely outlining my personal situation. We limit the tax rate to 30% because we control how much income we draw. How is it that there won't be enough imputation credits as the profit on any sale will have a 30% company tax payable. If I was to sell then, again, I would limit the...