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    St. George No Deposit Loan

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience with the St. George no deposit loan. Sounds too good to be true. Obviously will be expensive mortgage insurance to pay. Any other catches? Gail
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    Child Support as Income

    Hi, Does anyone know which lenders will factor in child support payments when calculating DSR. My friend gets child support of a couple of hundred dollars a week from her ex (informal arrangement and not through the child support agency). This can all be shown through bank statements etc...
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    McKnight's new book

    Hi everyone, I have just purchased and read Steve McKnight's new book: From 0 to 130 (or some number like that) Properties in Three Years. Most of you will know that he is an advocate of positive cashflow investing. I thought it was a reasonably good read, with some nice examples, but...
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    Preston, Melbourne

    Hey Melbournites, I'm not planning to buy right now, but what do people think of Preston for medium term growth - is it undervalued at the moment? Have the trendy coffee shops started to open. Prices seem cheap compared to surrounding suburbs. Does anyone know it well? Gail
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    melbourne vacancy rates

    Hi everyone, I was chatting to a Melb investor yesterday and he said he has three empty properties at the moment. He has dropped the rent a substantial amount, but nobody is even looking at them. Of course, I don't know what condition they are in, but this scared the living daylights out of...
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    cheque book renovation

    Hi everyone, I am dead keen to get into renovations, but am pretty low on handyperson skills. I can paint, but that seems to be the cheapest bit to pay someone else to do anyway. Is it realistic to think you can generate much profit by doing a cheque book renovation - pay others to do...
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    Does going guarantor affect DSR?

    Hi everyone, My DSR is being destroyed by the fact that I have a largish mortage on PPOR ($160,000), but my partner is entirely responsible for servicing it in reality (I have paid off my share). His income is not enough to keep the lender happy, but the truth is I put nothing into the loan...
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    Hi, I've been away for a while, so its my first time on the new system, and boy is it overwhelming. I'm sure you've been asked this a million times, but is it possible to have the threads appear in the order in which they used to appear in the old system (ie, starting with the latest...
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    From: Gail H Hi, Real estate data is leading to headlines "Boom is over". Although there is a shortage of stock on the market, which is leading to some phenomenal results here and there, prices didn't increase over the March quarter. Reserve bank has also warned of significant market...
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    From: Gail H Hi everyone, How important is it to provide heating for tenants, and what is the best kind? I'm looking at a property to renovate, and its got one of these ghastly gas heaters in the lounge room - not the wall furnace type, but the ones lower down with the flame you can see. It...
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    dulux website

    From: Gail H Hey everyone, I just discovered the My Colour program on the Dulux website. Its brilliant. You can create a room and try different colours to see how different decorating options would look. It is amazing. Check it out (I have no connections to Dulux) Cheers Gail
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    Michael Croft again

    From: Gail H Hi, Just want to add one more plug for Michael. What a terrific guy. His seminar in Melbourne last night was great. Heaps and heaps of great, practical tips. (Thanks to the people who posted here about it earlier, or else I wouldn't have found out about it in time) Well done...
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    refinancing and interest rates

    From: Gail H Hi everyone, I should know the answer to this, but can you refinance loan (in the sense of having home revalued to increase line of credit against property) when interest rates on the loan are fixed. By the way, who is still fixing out there? Is three years at 6.75 good, or...
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    The wife on today tonight

    From: Gail H Well done guys. Its weird, but I find myself getting worried in case too many people catch on. Guess most people would simply never do anything about it. But, I'm glad you didn't give TOO much away. Gail
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    Furnished Flats

    From: Gail H Hi everyone, My sister just bought a duplex that is partly furnished. The property would value up at the purchase price without taking furniture into account. Nevertheless, on hearing that it is furnished, the bank has said they'll only loan 65%. She would have bought it at the...
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    Cairns and Coffs

    From: Gail H There seem to be lots of reasonably priced units which are rented out at reasonably healthy rentals in both Cairns and Coffs Harbour. Does anyone know anything about potential problems of: Oversupply/price stagnation Vacancy rates in either or both of these areas. Cheers Gail
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    From: Gail H Hi everyone, I have been desperately trying to get finance for a block of flats that I have purchased. My 2 problems have been that I am newly self-employed and that the flats are not strata titled but are 5 properties on one title. Well, my usual (non bank) lender just wasn't...
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    Advice needed

    From: Gail H Hey everyone, I have contracted to buy a block of 5 x 2-bedroom flats for $232,000 (subject to finance). The yield is $460 a week. The problem is that I can't find a lender who will lend more than 70% of the purchase price (though Rolf is on job - God bless you Rolf). I have...
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    cash bonds

    From: Gail H Has anyone had experience with cash bonds as a way of increasing capacity to borrow? Steve Navra has kindly forwarded me some info, but I was wondering if anyone had experience with them. And a question for Rixter if he's reading - how do you fund properties 100%? You mentioned...
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    DSR problem

    From: Gail H Hi everyone, Okay, I've applied to have my home refinanced so I can draw down deposits. But now I will have a $240,000 loan against a property worth $300,000 instead of the original $160,000 loan. Well, as soon as I tell a lender I "owe" $240,000 on the house (since you have to...