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    Building Designers or Architects (Adelaide)?

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this message...... here goes anyhow. Are there any Building Designers or Architects that use this forum? I have used this forum for a few years and learnt so much ...just thought it would be a good place to ask. We are located in Adelaide and...
  2. Kitchen renovated

    Kitchen renovated

  3. Kitchen as purchased

    Kitchen as purchased

  4. Kitchen renovated

    Kitchen renovated

  5. Dump kitchen as purchased

    Dump kitchen as purchased

    kitchen as purchased with green tiles, orange mosaic benchtop and mission brown everywhere!
  6. Dump renovated outside

    Dump renovated outside

    1st try dump renovated outside
  7. As purchased

    As purchased

    1st try, As purchased 2br dump
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    Is this Quantity surveyor right???

    Have searched through the archives looking for a recommendation of a good QS in Adelaide. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks for any assistance. Sleepingwood