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    How To Get A Pay Rise

    Hi Guys, I was telling one of my broking buddies about how I wrote a book and it's called "How To Get A Payrise". He reckoned he was a bit surprised, because it wasn't about how to buy an investment property, or get a loan or whatever. But the truth is this is where it all started for me...
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    Another Mortgage Insurer in Australia

    According to today's Fin Review it looks like we might be getting another Mortgage Insurer in Australia. Cheers, Medine
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    Forumite in Money

    Hi All, Check out forumite Jane Slack-Smith (a.k.a. Buzz) in this month's Money Magazine!! Very exciting!! Well done, Jane! Great to see a favourite forum strategy getting recognition :D Mmmm - now if only I could work out how to upload my scans of the article I would post them here...
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    "Rent Reliant"

    Hi Guys, Has anyone heard the term "Rent Reliant" recently? As in "We won't approve this loan because you are too Rent Reliant" :eek: ? I haven't heard it in ages and ws wondering if it has dropped out of favour, or maybe we just less "rent reliant" than we once were? :rolleyes...
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    Institute of Body Corporate Managers Victoria

    Hi Guys, One of my Body Corporate Managers has just sent me a letter stating that he has joined the Institue of Body Corporate Managers Victoria and has sent a new Body Corporate Management Agreement for us to approve in our next AGM :confused: The new agreement sets out a list of...
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    Wespac and company trusts

    Hi! More news about the folks at Westpac...... I've just heard that they're trialling offering loans to company trusts with residential rates, using some of the residential products, and over 30 years. And that the pro pack will apply. In the past they treated company trusts as...
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    Westpac 100%

    Hi, Westpac have just announced a new 100% loan for new purchases and constructions! The LMI is a bit stiff at 3.16% for people who have owned a property before. And, unfortuately, it can't be used for trusts or companies. Cheers, Medine
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    FHOG for Property Investor

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has had actual success in claiming the FHOG after purchasing an investment property. I've done a search and can see that others agree with me that it is possible in theory that if you have an investment property that you've never lived in, you should be...
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    Workshop - Financial Freedom for Women

    [SIZE=3]Financial Freedom for Women Workshops NEW workshop dates: Tuesday 5th October 6 - 9pm Monday 1st November 9.30 am - 1pm [/SIZE] Seven years ago my Dad got very sick, and in order to take care of our family's finances, I began a journey of wealth creation. That was when I was...
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    Software for Property Developers?

    Does anyone know of a software package that is designed for managing a ground-up new property development, to be used by the developers? Cheers, Medine.