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    one the we just did

    Hi Guys, Some of you may be interested in this type of thing; Some basics - 154k off an asking of 179k - rental return using actual comparables (there is a link - click through) 300 to 360 per week - options re...
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    10 IP's - Best Insurance

    Hi - i am after advice and or recommendation on a good insurance company for a portfolio of 9 residential IP's in NSW plus one commercial property. The commercial is a two storey building with a hairdresser tenant on a long lease -I am currently paying a large public liability premium on that...
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    Strata Titling

    Hi All - after a bit of info/ guidance/contacts - anyone done a strata title of existing block of units in NZ this year - if so I wouldn't mind having a chat if you can spare the time. cheers
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    nz stats - some regional data re local projects (ie micro)

    Hi Guys, Some local stats - for the full info dig up qv websites and pdf'son the net. CITY HOUSE PRICE GROWTH BEATS NATIONAL AVERAGE. Growth in Invercargill house prices is exceeding the national average. Invercargill house prices rose 14% in the year to June according to the latest...
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    don't fix just yet

    For those holding nz ips - those of you coming off fixed or off and deciding what to do try and wait a few weeks depending on your circumstances. The news tonight covered a story that has been running in the press about a major fixed rate bidding war so talk to your brokers and do your...
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    Not Selling but Buying

    Hi, This is my first post in this section so lets hope I am doing it right. I would be interested to here from forum members or their associates who are selling NZ real estate. I'm buying! Regards Don