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    My latest purchase, Waterford West QLD

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my recent purchase with the forum, I know a lot of people are investing in the area and I found these posts useful when looking for mine as to what is out there. I live in Sydney and wanted a buy and hold property for good short to medium term CG, with a...
  2. J

    Pre-lease renovations

    I have recently purchased an investment property in Logan, it is currently advertised for rent. Prior to tenants moving in I am having a few renovations carried out and wanted to check which of these will be tax deductible, as far as I am aware, improvements are non tax deductible but repairs...
  3. J

    Port Stephens PM

    Just thought I would check if anyone has a recommendation or experiences for a PM in port Stephens. As far as I know there are only 2 main PM's One of which I have used and have wound up with shocking tenants both only staying 6 months each. I'm not sure to give them another shot to try...
  4. J

    CGT on land for PPOR

    We currently have our PPOR in port Stephens leased out, may not be moving back here but hanging onto it at least while in the CGT free threshold. I am now consider buying a block of land in Sydney from a new release. Holding it for 2 years then building. At what point would the land and...
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    Sws ppor

    South West Sydney PPOR I have had a read of the many recent South West Sydney posts which have recently emerged. It seems that people generally agree that there will not be a huge amount of capital growth in this area in the next few years or more and it is probably not a great time to...
  6. J

    Injured tenant, not leaving

    I recently received news of one of my tenants tripping over the water meter, and badly injuring himself. Which just so happened to be shortly after they received news that their lease would not be renewed. I've spoken to property managers and they have said that there is no legal requirements...
  7. J

    Bad tenant vacacting advice

    6 months ago we had 4 rental applications and took the advice of our property management to go with an older couple who already leased a unit around the corner, they came highly recommended. It became obvious very quickly that they have a major hoarding problem and the property turned to a tip...
  8. J

    Addition of toilet in highset home

    There seems to be a lot of investors adding bathrooms to the lower level of their highset homes. Could anybody share some experiences and advice in doing so? in particular the toilet, the way I see it you have an option of either cutting into the slab, or using a wall mounted unit.
  9. J

    Building & pest inspectors - Logan

    Has anyone been very impressed with a particular building and pest inspector in the Logan area? Booking an inspection in for this week. I have used Unique who I did not find very great, no pictures with the report. 360 seemed fairly good. I have also been recommended One Call (Scott...
  10. J

    Buying a battle axe?

    I'm currently searching for an IP on Logan and found something which ticks all my boxes, but it is a battle axe, I've never really considered a battle axe before and just wanted to see what people's experiences were? The agent thinks they appeal to tenants because of added privacy and safety...
  11. J

    80% LVR to 90% + 1 IP

    I currently have a IP in brisbane which I set up late last year and realize the finance could have been done better, I would now like to purchase another property and would like to take the opportunity to tidy up the first mortgage in the process. The first one is 80% LVR P&I payments with...
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    Strategy advice

    Hi everyone, Thought it's time i better put my hand up for some advice, I have looked at joining investment property mentoring company's (PRE) and decided I would rather learn and do things on my own, I'm reading books and scanning this forum most nights. I am 27 years old and I...