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  1. eKwatee

    Doomsday Cult Compound Auction - South Australia

    Here's an interesting one. Doomsday cult Agape Ministries? Kuitpo compound to be auctioned. from the advertiser Not sure if I would be game enough to move in after settlement....They might try to move back in..... I suppose you could always rent it back to them. Got a bit going...
  2. eKwatee

    New Development Interactive Map - Adelaide CBD

    This investment map of new developments may be of interest for those looking to invest in 'off the plan' or new apartments/offices within Adelaide's CBD. It's an interactive map from the DEPT showing the location within Adelaide's CBD of approved developments awaiting construction, constructed...
  3. eKwatee

    A new seniors grant has been introduced - SA

    If your over 60 years of age and looking to buy a 'NEW' home to live in, within South Australia, I'd hold off buying until 1-July 2014 as the new seniors grant SHG has just been introduced. from Revenue SA
  4. eKwatee

    Unique Rooms

    Thought it would be a bit of fun showcasing images of unique or interesting rooms, that you have found either online or seen in the flesh. How good would this bedroom be to wake up each morning or the kids taking an alternative option than the stairs.
  5. eKwatee

    Building on Company Owned Land

    I have purchased acreage in my company name that currently has no dwelling. However I do intend to construct a house to reside in the future. I am the sole director of the company. A couple of questions: 1. Should I wish to borrow the funds for the construction, would a bank lend for the...
  6. eKwatee

    Will sell buyer leads?

    As a buyer or tenant, would you stop enquiring through if they were to on sell your information to third parties. Business 2 Article Here Business 2 I'm not sure if anyone has been prompted and filled out the latest survey that pops up on I did and was...
  7. eKwatee

    GST when Purchasing a Marina Berth

    I'm due to settle on a brand new Marina Berth around July 2013, purchased direct from the developer to be used as an investment. I have a meeting with my accountant next month, but in the mean time thought I would seek some advice in preparation in determining the best way to structure the...
  8. eKwatee

    High-density planning overhaul for Adelaide's blue-chip inner suburbs

    This Youtube Video put out by the DTEI South Australia (SA Planning, transport and infrastructure) may be of some assistance to those investors trying to locate the best growth areas in Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs. Looks good and makes sense focusing on making planning changes to...
  9. eKwatee

    Changes to the Anti-Discrimination Laws

    Will the new anti-discrimination laws roll over to residential tenancies. If so I'm a little concerned that the position of residential property managers may change if and when the proposed Government changes to the Anti-Discrimination laws come in. A couple of points that concern me. 1...
  10. eKwatee

    Best place to stay Darling Harbour?

    A couple I know are coming out from the UK next March. As part of their trip they will be looking to stay at Darling Harbour for less than a week. They have asked me if I could recommend a decent hotel. I have stayed in Sydney, but never in Darling Harbour. Any help would be appreciated in...
  11. eKwatee

    City Of Campbelltown - South Australia

    I was reading through the Campbelltown City Council (South Australia) Residential Development Plan Amendment – Draft for Public Consultation available for public consultation from 18 October 2012 to 14 December 2012. Interesting to see how they are Creating New Policy Area's and changing the...
  12. eKwatee

    Land of the Tiny House People

    Thought this may be worth sharing here, it's amazing and interesting what some people live in. Land of the Tiny House People - documentary click here
  13. eKwatee

    Authorities gain power to collect Australians' internet records

    Laws passed today will allow authorities to collect and keep Australians' internet records, including their web-browsing history, social media activity and emails. :eek: Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said the laws would help police track cyber-criminals around the globe, and would give...
  14. eKwatee

    If Western Australia emancipated from the rest of Australia.

    Would you move to Western Australia to live if it was emancipated from the rest of Australia? Wouldn't Western Australia be just an economic super power if it was a country unto itself. I could imagine many people moving there permanently to live from other states should it ever happen. I know...
  15. eKwatee

    Goods & Services that Have Risen in Price Due to The Carbon Tax

    I thought it would be interesting in compiling a real life list, rather than relying on hypothetical Treasury modeling to see in fact what Goods and Services have increased directly due to the Carbon Tax and by how much. I'll kick it off. My strata fees in an apartment complex where I own an...
  16. eKwatee

    P/L Insurance for Primary Production Land

    I'm in the process of purchasing a 320 acre allotment zoned Primary production under a pty ltd. The land has no structures on it & will not be used for farming. Can anyone recommend an insurance company that will insure me for Public Liability Insurance?
  17. eKwatee

    Warning! - "Switchworx"

    Just a friendly warning for those that dont listen to Ray Hadley or 2GB. Fair trading NSW is compiling a case against "Switchworx" after the Ray Hadley show starting receiving calls of this company allegedly exploiting the elderly. Ray Hadley Podcasts for those who would like to listen to the...
  18. eKwatee

    Floorplanner launches free ipad app

    Not sure if this has been mentioned here before but thought I would share. Floorplanner has launched an ipad app.
  19. eKwatee

    Women Leaders in Politics - (I'm not Sexist)

    As the title reads, I'm not sexist in any way I believe in almost any situation a woman &/or a man can do a job/task/position whatever it may be equally. However I'm sure I'm not the only one that has picked up on this trend, that each time a Leader of a Political Party has been female, the...
  20. eKwatee

    New Mobile App for Property Investor's

    Online property investment software tool creator Real Estate Investar has created a new mobile property investment app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. More here I just downloaded it, yet to have a detailed look but at a glance - The apps free, articles are free, has property news tab & "My...