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  1. wombat

    Water usage in Vic rental

    Hi Guys - need some guidance from a Victorian Property manager I have been charged water usage in one of my rentals, the water usage component came billed to me together with the water rates bill. The property is separately metered so the usage obligation is with the tenant. I lease...
  2. wombat

    Advice on Swimming Pool “Creepy Crawly”

    Family has moved into one of our older properties with an old pool. This property will be demolished to make way for town houses after we have built our new PPOR and moved in, 3 to 5 year time frame. It has an old in ground pool with functioning filter etc however the creepy crawly is old and...
  3. wombat

    Water rates and services for future development site

    Advice needed. I have a large development site for which I am currently in the process of getting a permit for a resi development. On the site I have a large uninhabited building which will get demolished when the time comes. I have Electricity and Gas services disconnected - so no...
  4. wombat

    What Brick type is best for Rendering?

    Currently getting a house priced to be built. The house will be rendered and the house will be of brick (I’m old school). Would like to get an idea of what brick options and what advantages or disadvantages for a particular brick type there are for rendering and what the price difference may...
  5. wombat

    Property Management Teaser

    During the strong winds we had in Melbourne last week, a very large tree was uprooted from my property (which I am renting), broke through the fence and came to rest on my neighbours roof – actually the tree is now leaning from my property to my neighbours – luckily the only damage is the fence...
  6. wombat

    Tech Tip for Infrared Remotes

    Here’s a tech tip I picked up last week that I found very useful so I’d like to share. With so many infrared remotes scattered around the house these days, I have found a way to determine whether infrared remotes are still working or the batteries are actually flat. As we know, when you...
  7. wombat

    Contaminated Property Next Door??

    I have a 1 hectare block of land in a Victorian Rural town. My block of land is zoned residential and I have an application in for subdivision. My block of land shares a boundary with a disused service station. The disused service has not been used as a service station for a number of years...
  8. wombat

    I've struck TERMITES!!

    Good ol’ Mum had decided that she had had enough of her 1970’s speckled vinyl floor tiles that were in her house and decided to get them ripped up and to polish up the Tasmanian hardwood floorboards that lay underneath. What we discovered when the tiles and masonite base was lifted was that the...
  9. wombat

    Navra Shares - When will the company float?

    I purchased a block of Australian Navra Shares when they were released (was it July 2003 – I think)? – I must dig out my share certificate! Anyway, as I understood it when the shares were released, Steve Navra’s plan was to float the company at some time in the future. Doing a search on...
  10. wombat

    Cost of Running Services to new Building Site,

    Advice required – I am planning to build a PPOR in Melbourne outer East, I have a large block with a “Battle axe” entry and I need to run services to the proposed site, ie: Gas, Water, Electricity and Phone, no sewer. The distance that I need to run these services is around 100 metres...
  11. wombat

    Block of 6 units for Sale in Morwell Victoria

    I have a block of six units on the market in Central Morwell (Gippsland Victoria), the block consists of 5 x 2 bedders and 1 x 1 bed – all on one title. Location is very close to Morwell station and Main shopping centre around the Station. (5 minutes slow walk). For those that know Morwell...
  12. wombat

    Heaven and Hell

    This made me laugh - how true it is. I don't know how to include jpg's in the post so I have attached it! wombat
  13. wombat

    Blown Fuse Replacement??

    Just took a call from my PM, she said that the powerpoints are not working in the kitchen of one of my old units. This unit has the old wire type fuses - I told her that it's more than likely just a blown fuse, get the tenant to check the fuse. She told me that this is an electricians job -...
  14. wombat

    Creative way to add MORE value to your waterfront property

    I Love the way developers think! :o wombat
  15. wombat

    Security Camera's and DVR

    I am having some drama’s with some very street smart druggie tenants in an old block of units (which I plan to re-develop when I work through my to-do list). I would like to implement some security camera’s to the common areas and I have been doing some research for an affordable 4 channel...
  16. wombat

    Opportunity Knocks in Victoria!!

    Work on the Victorian Regional fast train project has now commenced on the Bendigo Line, I think it is from Sunbury to Bendigo. The firm that is to deliver the Project is the John Holland group (see The dates on the web site appear incorrect as all the workers have now...
  17. wombat

    100% Plus

    From a strictly mathematical viewpoint it goes like this: What makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they give more than 100%? We've all been to those meetings where we're asked to give more than 100% Here's a little formula which may...
  18. wombat

    Test you Success Ability

    Test your Success Ability I was trolling the net for inspiration and found this. Thought it asked some pretty good questions. See how you rate! EDIT! Jeez you guys - give a dummy a break! I tried to attach the file in PDF format but it was too large (240K), I have converted it to...
  19. wombat

    Easement Removed(?)

    A property that a RE agent has shown me that they just got listed, does not have the Section 32 ready. The agent tells me that the existing easement on the property has now been removed. Which responsible authority can confirm this as a copy of the title I downloaded shows the easement on the...
  20. wombat

    Noxious Weeds and the Local Council

    I have a ten acre block classed as rural residential in Melbourne’s outer east. I am planning to build a house within the next couple of years. At the moment I let one of the local guys let his cattle graze on the property from time to time. I got an order last year from the local council to...