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    Ya gotta check everything, don't ya!!!

    The lease for our property was supposed to be renewed on Oct 4th. Hadn't heard anything so I dropped them a fax. Oh dear, sooo sorry, the tenant "lost" the lease and we've left messages etc. We've asked the tenant to come in on Saturday (yesterday) to sign the lease to "ensure" we have a...
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    "Southerners" buying up big in Rockhampton

    Hi there. According to a mid week Morning Bulletin, the Southerners are buying up big in Rocky. Apparently they are buying three properties at a time, sight unseen, and all under the $100K mark. Property investing seminars are advising them to buy in Rockhampton. If you are one of the...
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    Two weeks ahead in rent?

    Hi there. I was looking at the RE report on our property and realised that the tenant is not two week's ahead in the rent. The tenant was when the agreement was first signed. The agent said that they "legally" don't have to be, but we can put it in our next tenancy agreement if we want...
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    Hi Dale

    We live and bought in Qld. We have just taken our tax stuff to our accountant and are feeling a bit sad. My question is, do you take clients from Qld or are you not up to date with this state's rules and regulations, with IP ownership and trust stuff? I hope this doesn't sound like a rude...
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    Length of tenancy agreements

    Hi there Our lease with our tenant expires in early October. I would like to extend the new lease from 6 months (which makes it expire in April) to expiring either in June or preferably early January. According to what I have read, January would be the easiest time to re-lease our property...
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    Is 5 million Public Liability enough?

    Our landlord insurance policy has $5 million for public liability. I wonder is that enough? I think that unless you're in the industry you would probably never know because if you are sued, apparently the insur company doesn't tell you how much they paid up. Any thoughts?
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    Tax Deduction?

    Hi there. We have bought our first IP. We were looking in one town first up, and during this time, encountered two lots of solicitors expenses for fallen through contracts and a building inspection that showed faults. We then moved to another town and eventually purchased there. Are...
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    How do tenants find a house?

    Hi there. I was wondering how tenants go about choosing a house to rent, in the first place. Do they log onto the internet and access the real estate agencies in the area? Do they grab the phonebook or the local papers? What about people who are moving to a new town? I wonder because...
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    What is the Inflation Rate?

    Hi there. Could someone tell me the inflation rate that is used for the PIA software please? I looked on the ABS site and couldn't find just one figure. Thanks in advance.
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    No longer a Gunna!!!

    Hurray, we've finally bought our first IP!!! After about 8 months, two different towns, many close purchases, we're the proud owners of a new mortgage. It seems purchasing an IP is a bit like having a baby. You have no idea how much work is involved until you "do it." So now I'll...
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    Kitchen benchtop ideas please

    Hi there. We are buying a house and the kitchen benchtop has a gouge out of it, in between the sink and the edge of the bench. It is probably about 1 1/2 inches across and not too deep. I don't imagine it could be repaired, but thought that I had read something in the forum about...
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    Tile replacement

    Hi there. We are buying a property and some of the tiles on the floor in the bathroom are broken. The building inspector said that the tiles around the waste have broken because they are big (probably 10cm square) and they are on a lean due to bathroom design. I noticed that there is the...
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    Here's a funny one

    Hi there. I have an interesting scenario with the IP we are buying. The contract stated that the the property had a tenant with a fixed term - three months tenancy starting 12th Jan 03. (To me that means that they have to stay until 12th April.) Settlement for this property is 28th...
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    Has anyone had this before?

    Hi there. We're buying a property and a PM has advised that someone wants to rent the property. They work for a company and want to rent it for 12 months, and want to have an air conditioner installed in the house. According to the PM there is apparently a company that installs a/c and at...
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    Where do we stand?

    We have signed a contract of a property, with settlement being 28th March. There are tenants in there at the moment and according to the contract, they are on a "fixed term - three months" which started on 12th January. If they move out before the three months is up, which the agent has said...
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    4700 & 4701 Rockhampton

    For those interested in the above areas, "The Weekend Bulletin" had two articles of interest in it. Part of one article on valuations advised :that North Rockhampton (4701) would again receive a bigger valuation increase but expected Sth Rock to see a valuation jump at the net DNR review on...
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    Investing in Brisbane

    Hi there. I'm considering investing in a house in Brisbane. I don't live anywhere near there but am wondering if you can buy a house that doesn't need renovating, for about $140 000. I have been researching and looking at buying in another city, so know how much time is involved in "the...
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    Hi there. I remember reading that the costs associated with attempting to buy IP are tax deductable. What happens if you spend this money in one financial year but don't buy an IP until the next financial year? Can you still claim the expenses involved in trying to find the IP in the first...
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    lvr question

    Hi there. I have a hypothetical question that I hope someone can answer. If I had a good income, a PPOR paid off, a loan with lender A for $20000 and wanted to borrow 95% say, with another lender, and not use the other two properties as collateral, just the new IP, then am I right in...
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    Is this normal?

    Hi there. We are in the process of trying to buy our first IP. After much reading and research, I starting looking for our first one, about 3 months ago. We are looking at properties in the median range. So far, we have missed out on 5 IP's, both houses and units. One, someone who...