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    Sydney Investor Meetup @ Baulkham Hills - Fri 8th June ???

    Would love to attend the meetup but Baulkham Hills is too far away for us. Somewhere closer to the city will be nice!! :) Yuch
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    Meeting in Tokyo

    Unfortunately we're hanging around Tokyo this time round. Regards Yuch
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    Meeting in Tokyo

    Hi, Michael G and I just arrive in Tokyo and am staying at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku until 18/01/07. If any formites based in Tokyo would like to meet up we could hold the first ever JIG (Japanese Investment Group) meeting! Regards Yuch
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    Anyone have a view on MBAs?

    Well, depends on what you want to achieve. Personally, I think if all you want to do is to be able to run your own small business, then the NEIS course or a TAFE business course will be sufficient. I think MBA is more for people who wish to climb the corporate ladder - just my personal opinion.
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    Anyone have a view on MBAs?

    Hi all, I don't know much about MBA. I have only completed the NEIS (new enterprise incentive scheme) provided by the government. My brother is currently doing his MBA (half way through), and after comparing notes we have found out that it's an expensive way to gain business knowledge (he wants...
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    Dymphna Boholt Seminar

    alexlee, I am not saying you should start trading the futures market and I am not promoting anything either. I am merely telling you what I heard. I have only just started paper trading in futures for 1 week, therefore have nothing to show yet. However, I do know that there are people out...
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    Dymphna Boholt Seminar

    She didn't suggest newbies to jump into the market straight away either, asdf. She did say that you need to learn and paper trade for 3 months before getting into the market.
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    Dymphna Boholt Seminar

    My apologies. I didn't make myself clear. It was a seminar for her futures trading group and we happen to hear about it from a friend, who was in that group. Most people in that seminar weren't newbies either. Her strategy was to use the income from her trading to buy cashflow positive...
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    Dymphna Boholt Seminar

    MG and I have been to her seminar long time ago (cost us $15 per person). She was promoting... I think.. trading in the future's market. Her strategy then, was to trade in the future's market which returns in 3% per month in average, then use the income to fund your propoerty purchases...
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    SIG Meeting on August 15th - please post your reservation here

    Please reserve a ticket for me and MG. Thanks. :)
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    WRAPS in Perth

    Hi, Yes, that is different. In hindsight....the only thing that "may have" been done is for the wrappee's solicitor to have performed a background check on the wrapper (checked structure company), however I believe the focus would have been more on the contract itself. The nature of the...
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    SIG Meeting March 28th - Dale Gatherum-Goss- Bookings in this thread

    One for me for now, thanks.
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    SIG Meeting Tuesday December 6th - 2 Speakers - Depreciator and Rolf Latham

    2 seats for MG and myself please. Thanks.
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    CBA to put fees on internet banking

    I have been using HSBC online Savings account for a few years. The service is very good and no nasty internet transaction fees. So far so good. I don't have a business account or trust account with HSBC, so can't comment on the fees or service. One of our trust accounts is still with CBA. I...
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    Steve Navra (on Dollar Cost Trading shares) at SIG

    2 seats for me please. :)
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    Wrap story in todays SMH

    Letter to SMH and response from the managing editor Hi all, We sent a letter to SMH on 07/03/05 regarding the article "Danger hits home" by John Garnaut. We also got the response from SMH today. The original letter to SMH is attached here as well. The response from SMH is very...
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    SSG Sydney Social Gathering :)

    Hi Jacque, Are late comers still allowed in?
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    Guys, After hearing all the feedback from the forumites, I had a chat with the business owner of HP. Unfortunately, just like Rolf said, if they are not prepared to listen then nothing will change. And they did NOT want to listen. And I was told that HomePath is already making money as...
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    Canberra Investors Group BBQ - 22nd January 2005

    Hi, I'm driving to the ACT BBQ from Sydney. Anyone from Sydney interested in car-pooling? Regards Yuch
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    Defamation checklist

    Hi all, Don't let this checklist put you off in posting your personal opinions. There is only one thing you need to remember when making a comment, that is, your comment has to be based on facts. eg. If you say "Yuch is an idiot. She got herself into so much trouble all because she is...