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  1. redwing

    The Myth of Japan's 'Lost Decades'

    Interesting to see the Nikkei has doubled, from under 10,000 in 2010 to over 20,100. (Jun 29 - Close) A 100% profit.
  2. redwing

    Perth houses are currently as affordable as they were in 2003 and 1996

    Why aren't your photos above linking in Shadow?
  3. redwing

    Perth Property Meeting 24 June - Did you know 1 + 1 = 3?

    Is it about generating leads for those presenting or hosting, or more altruistic?
  4. redwing

    End of an Era

    Reported on Your Investment Property mag also Popular Property Forum To Close Pity they don't mention PropertyChat, however they have their own Forum running It also rates a mention on Australian Property Forum
  5. redwing

    Why are you still here?

    Jackie Chan's bloopers did it for me, now I see many of the movies we take the kids to with extra bits at the credits
  6. redwing

    End of an Era

    *Shocked* :eek: Sad News indeed :( Thanks to Ian & Jan for a wonderful resource, Sim and the many Moderators for keeping the ship on course and all of the great contributors over the years, both old & new. I'm not very good at goodbye's, but thought I'd give the below a try as a goodbye :D
  7. redwing

    Bad bad bad Journalism! Young Property Gun

    Ditto... :D
  8. redwing

    Bad bad bad Journalism! Young Property Gun

    I was surprised at this piece, no uni, wealthy family but
  9. redwing

    Thoughts of Washing Machine taps inside tub?

    Like This... Hey...imagine a drain in the cupboard also if anything here leaks :D
  10. redwing

    Tenant debt soars to $41m

    I would say they enjoy having private landlords subsidise housing when they look at the below Tenant debt soars to $41m
  11. redwing

    OTP buying - Fortitude Valley -2016 completion

    I'm sure I've read a few stories on SS regarding this as well as it being in the media :confused:
  12. redwing

    HECS debt and death.

    It's snowballing HECS projected to hit $42bn
  13. redwing

    Rewarding good tenants

    Nah, at around $15 for a new toilet seat and $70 to get someone to fit it, it's cheaper to zip down and do the replacement yourself :D
  14. redwing

    Redundancy Insurance

    Someone was recently telling me they had taken this out I see some policies i.e. NRMA have
  15. redwing

    Landbanking Perth @ 50% Discount

    Nope, not invested in it...just aware of it
  16. redwing

    market near the top

    1. Whats a Tea Lady 2. Does it matter what Uber Drivers say
  17. redwing

    Why should I get superannuation?

    Sorry Terry I meant the companies that benefited with the introduction of compulsory super were those like MLC, AMP, Colonial etc. Then Banks, Industry Funds etc all got on board You also have parent companies investing funds into related entities
  18. redwing

    AirBnB Success Stories

    There would also be CGT aspects if your PPoR?
  19. redwing

    Why should I get superannuation?

    It's not run for free though, the insurance companies and others now, have made a fortune of the back of Super with their fees
  20. redwing

    Where can l put money to save ?

    I've friends who have been waiting for silver to rally for a few years now