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    End of an Era

    Same here, think there's a bit of a delay to get approved. A bit frustrating but we'll live. Thanks to everyone involved for Somersoft, has been a great resource.
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    QLD PM - is this unfair?

    Just wanted to get people's thoughts on whether this is an unfair expectation on a PM. A house I had with a certain PM in brisbane required some restumping last year. As we were out of town we relied on the PM's recommendation of the tradie to use and on them to engage the service. We found...
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    Brisbane BA needed

    That's a pretty easy brief actually, would be easy money for any BA to take on.
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    Achieving wealth through

    You can definitely ask questions but I will say that newbie and day trading shouldn't go together. Whatever you do, try it with paper trading first for a fair while.
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    Netflix..what are you watching??

    Re watching Friday night lights. Very highly recommended.
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    Very bad experience with a property managers

    Realistically, No small business is going to sue you (especially if you're essentially giving you're opinion). It's costly, a hassle and just brings more bad publicity.
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    Very bad experience with a property managers

    Good on you Kristaje for sticking to you principles. Have to say that your posts about this company is consistent with my experience of the BInvest group of companies in general.
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    Who do you use for your Depreciation Schedules?

    Scott from Depreciator us a great guy so all my business goes to him.
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    borrow funds against your IP to invest in fully franked equities..

    A major listed investment company or an ETF that tracks the index would be ideal here.
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    Can you service your existing debts if rates rise to 10% or 18%

    If prices are also doubling in a couple of years then I'd be perfectly fine with it.
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    How could restricted borrowing change investing approach

    I'm not sure that's the case Bayview, on this forum for example there are plenty of experienced investors who like the below median end as their playground. If anything I would say that those investing in just 1 IP would be more likely to go for the perceived "better" property.
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    Can a mortgage doc be witnessed by person with overseas address

    I've had it done by multiple times without an issue.
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    Thanks, did notice that the better yield was on that side so good to get some local insights.
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    What's wrong with the area north of Old Cleveland Rd exactly?
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    Buying while I'm overseas

    Have exchanged in NSW and QLD over email (with original contract to follow) with no issue. As Terry said, other docs such as loan agreement, mortgages transfers etc do require originals so factor that into your settlement time-frame.
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    Very bad experience with a property managers

    Our PM in the area is exceptional, definitely goes above and beyond.
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    $98,000 mistake

    I would expect the lawyer to have professional liability insurance, unless he took it out in the name of the wrong law firm.
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    Very bad experience with a property managers

    Good to hear it's getting sorted finally. Have to say I'm not surprised about the issues you're having unfortunately, consistent with my experience with the binvest services.
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    OTP in Toowong?

    It's a factor to consider but still doesn't hanged the valuation risk or premium that you'll be paying.
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    OTP in Toowong?

    How do you know your borrowing capacity will improve enough by the time of settlement? Seems risky signing a contract on that premise to me.