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    Do I need a QS?

    Recommended QS in sydney? Hi all, funky new forum we have here! I was planning to flick through the archives, but it seems they are no longer. I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend (for me and perhaps the others above) a QS in Sydney? The prices Ive checked out seem vastly...
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    Population growth

    Reply: 1 From: Astro Boy I'm looking for the same thing (particularly for regional centres in NSW). I did come across the following on the ABS site:!OpenDocument These two might...
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    Property Investment Accountant in Sydney

    Reply: 2 From: Astro Boy You could always try one of the interstate accountants with a good reputation (eg: dale in melb). Email / phone / fax etc. means communication should not be a problem, and it makes for a tax deductable trip to your city of choice every now and then! That's what I'm...
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    Company title - what are the implications?

    From: Astro Boy Hi, I'm currently looking at a few potential IP's, one of which is under company title. I understand that financing is not straight forward and I'm likely have to keep my LVR to 70% max. This is tough, but the price range they are talking is 10-15% lower than similar places...
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    Finding a lender

    Reply: 1 From: Astro Boy Rolf is a great broker I have dealt with - hes always around the forum. not hard to track down - just yell and he will usually hear.
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    Mortgage Insurance

    Reply: From: Astro Boy Right, so it seems if may make sense to go for P+I (for a while anyway), that way the loan is easier to secure, cheaper and (assuming its still around) I am up for FHOG. I could live there and renovate for a short while before flipping over to IO. Either...
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    Mortgage Insurance

    Reply: From: Astro Boy Hey rolf - thanks for that. Looks like I'm at the steep end of the curve: assuming: - Interest only - approx $450k loan - NSW - established property - 5% genuine savings - which ever insurer is cheapest! (do I have a say - or is this up to the lender) I...
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    Mortgage Insurance

    Reply: 1.1 From: Astro Boy Hey there, can someone give a brief summary of how LMI is generally calculated and what the costs are expected to be? ta AB
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    Is the forum boring or dying?

    Reply: From: Astro Boy Hi Guys, I seem to be seeing more and more people referring to the 'chat room'. I'm interested to hear exactly which chat room you are all talking about and how to get involed. cheers ab
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    Building Inspection-Help needed!!!

    Reply: 1 From: Astro Boy Might also be worth asking to read over the minutes of the body corporate to see if they have had an quotes or estimates.
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    Land values - NSW

    Reply: From: Astro Boy Thanks Crispin, I had a feeling there was a free option out there. Off to the next government office I go.... ab
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    Land values - NSW

    Reply: 1.1.1 From: Astro Boy Thanks Joanna/Jacque, I'll check them both out... Do you know if the data from homepriceguide the same as the domain data (I believe it is)? Looks like there is no such thing as a free lunch anymore... Cheers ab
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    Land values - NSW

    From: Astro Boy I have just returned home from a trip to the Land and Property Information (LPI) office in sydney. As I understand it, this office includes the former "Valuer Generals office". I was after sale price records (ie: a list including street, number, short description, sale price...
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    Interesting bit of info for you all.

    Reply: 1.1.2 From: Astro Boy Hi guys, I'm wondering where you source the clearance rates? Go_anna - you mentioned the age (for melbourne obviously) is that a regular thing, or just part of an article you came across? I'm particularly interested in the figures for NSW. Cheers
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    Valuing similar properties

    Reply: From: Astro Boy Hi, I'm also interested in NSW valuer general data. Anyone know if this info is available online, if not, where the office is? Cheers ab
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    Property Development Information

    Reply: 1.1 From: Astro Boy Michael, Don't suppose you have a trip to sydney planned any time soon...? ;-)
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    Interest rate horizon?!

    Reply: From: Astro Boy Hi Jeremy - sounds like a dream come true...! what (if any) downsides to investing in US have you come across? also - what cap growth have you seen? is this representative of that region of LA, or did you get 'good buys'? Cheers ab
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    Clearance rates.....holy sh*t

    Reply: From: Astro Boy Yep definitely agree - certainly a subscriber to the "life is a journey, not a destination" philosophy... On the other hand, I dont think that the 2 are necessarily mutually exclusive - I think that many (particularly on this forum) would say that they...
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    RICH 200 & Divorce

    Reply: From: Astro Boy Reading Stanleys 'The Millionaire Mind' his research suggest that starting off with the right partner (ie: congruent life goals) is a big part of "making it". Pick the wrong partner and the hill is that much steeper...??? astro
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    change of direction

    Reply: 2 From: Astro Boy Hey David, A familiar story... I too got the golden boot a few weeks ago (although half of my company still remains - for now anyway). Can only survive so long with the books in the red... It seems that a large (and growing) percentage of friends in my industry...