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    Steve Navra's Workshop

    From: George M i promised myself i would do this a few weeks ago, but got busy and kinda lost track of time. i went along to Steve Navra's seminar in Melbourne, expecting that that the only thing to learn was the cashbond strategy. and would have to say i learnt a few things more than that...
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    New Tax Forms

    From: George M With the government becoming more and more accountable and disclosure of their ideals and agenda's becoming more apparent, John Howard and Peter Costello have been working tirelessly on giving Australians an easier and more efficient tax system. and now an even easier way to...
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    "Know a good Solicitor, QS or Accountant?"

    Reply: 1 From: George M for an accountant i would suggest you talk to Dale Gatherum-Goss who is on this forum regularly a solicitor i would recommend if i knew what sort of service you require George Mariotti
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    best location for rental properties

    Reply: 2 From: George M it would perhaps be easier and more accurate to look at the vacancy rate of the area, then look at the average for the surrounding area's. rule of thumb-never go over 3% and i would rather be in an area that is a family area. with good infastructure, than an area that...
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    protecting ones family

    Reply: From: George M trauma is probably more important than term life insurance in some cases, as heart disease increases, insurance companies are finding that trauma is the most popular and most benificial as it will protect you while you are still alive in intensive care etc (you...
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    ? Improving cashflow

    Reply: From: George M you could perhaps look at a commercial opportunity in a regional area with a long lease, ie medical suites etc. some of these are returning 12% with all outgoings paid and you could perhaps buy it outright with 100k, it would also give an equity facility to...
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    Sex or chocolate

    Reply: 1.2.1 From: George M yeah good Asy already said that but thats ok SEX AND CHOCOLATE FOR EVERYONE!!!
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    Want my 20% back

    Reply: 1 From: George M if you have no equity in a property, maybe you could look at putting your cash into a managed fund and then borrowing against it to fund youre purchase deposit. then it would all be tax deductible and you would hope better returns than a bank on your cash George Mariotti
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    Wakelin Property Advisory & Metrople Properties

    Reply: 1 From: George M cant say much about Wakelin, however we have a lot of dealings with Metropole, our clients are very happy indeed on the dealings that Michael Yardney has had with them. he has the score on the board and has a lot of expertise.
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    and or nominees

    Reply: 2.2 From: George M Be Aware that when you sign a contract "and or nominee" you must nominate the other party no less than 14 days prior to settlement, and be aware that the named party is responsibile for the contract through to settlement. also on the stamp duty issue my...
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    Sex or chocolate

    Reply: 1.1 From: George M I like the way you think!!!! George
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    Sex or chocolate

    From: George M > CHOCOLATE or SEX Mathematics > > This is pretty neat how it works out. > This is cool chocolate math !!!!!!or Sex math !!!!!!! > DON'T CHEAT BY SCROLLING DOWN FIRST! > > IT TAKES LESS THAN A MINUTE ...... > WORK THIS OUT AS YOU READ. > BE SURE YOU DON'T READ THE BOTTOM...
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    Dream Home is now IP

    Reply: From: George M Congratulations Marina, i guess a lot of us know what its like to have unusual looks and stares from family and friends, and i am pleased you crystalised your goal. good for you George Mariotti
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    Affordable suburbs

    Reply: 3.1.1 From: George M and as with Newcastle a "Regional Market" and would have a risk associated with employment and infrastructure development. when BHP moved out of Newcastle look at what happened to property prices, as when Pyramid collapsed in Geelong, similar things occurred. if...
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    Landlord Insurance

    Reply: From: George M REI also have a 1800 number 1800 013 058
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    Wills St. Wine & Cheese Night

    Reply: 1 From: George M My apologies Thanks Steve George Mariotti
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    Is the end nigh?

    Reply: From: George M By the way terry had a look at your very analytical spreadsheet and would just like you to do some research. you are using examples of property that are very affordable 200-280k range and if you look at the past cycles you will find affordable property...
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    Is the end nigh?

    Reply: From: George M Terry, Congratulations you have just found some more reasons not to invest!,was i talking to you in Melbourne in 1991 when we were at "The Peak", the whole reason we have the information we have today is so we can take responsibility for our futures and not...
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    Location Location Location - Price Ranges

    Reply: 2 From: George M something i would like to add to your discussion is that you are missing the most important commodity and the "intrinsic Value" of the investment once you can appreciate this you will always understand what goes up an that is LAND and only land. and is really what...
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    FREE investment property newsletter

    Reply: 3 From: George M Remember when life used to be simple? George Mariotti