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    Quantity Surveyor - $385?

    From: Debbie . Recently, someone mentioned they had used a Quantity Surveyor in Victoria that was only $385. If you wouldn't mind, could you please repost their details as the last one I contacted wanted over $1000 and I thought that was a bit on the high side. Thankyou Debbie
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    Small but annoying problem

    From: Debbie . Hi, I have a problem with one of my IP's that I am hoping someone can shed some light on. It is situated interstate and the house next door to it is a housing department home. All was going reasonable until the tenants next door moved out and new one's moved in. They are...
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    I need to talk to Rolf

    From: Debbie . I am in the process of buying a property and have been impressed with the knowledge that you have, so I contacted a local mortgage broker to arrange the finance thinking that they would be as knowledgeable. How wrong I was. I need to organise finance ASAP as the contracts are...
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    Tenants from HELL

    From: Debbie . Just seeking some advice on a sticky situation. There is a property that I am very interested in. It is a 3 bed house with a flat under. At present it has dreadful tenants. The problem is this. We arranged with the Estate Agent to view the property and were told to meet...
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    Is it just me

    From: Debbie . When I log onto this new forum it takes sometimes 15 min for it to load. Now the problem seems to be this forum only, as I can open another frame and access web pages or other forums without delay. This is extremely frustrating, please is it just me or do others have this...