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  1. Project1080

    My first kitchen benchtop cut & install-Yeay!

    No Idea twobobsworth. I'm not paying :). All I know is they've budgeted $14k for complete strip & refit of a 2 bedder in Maylands SA.
  2. Project1080

    My first kitchen benchtop cut & install-Yeay!

    My first Kitchen benchtop cut & install. Woo! Hoo! A friend is undergoing a complete unit reno for resale and asked if I could install the kitchen. Of course I couldn't say no. Eden would be proud of me. Thanks for the advice on the jig Eden. Got myself one and it works a treat! If you get...
  3. Project1080

    Rendering Paint - Anyone heard of it?

    Hi Tin Tin, Can't remember the exact costs but i remember having to do 3 coats. If i'd gone to the local sand and metal depot and bought in bulk (1/4 ton sand, etc) I think it would have ended up a little cheaper than the render paint from memory. Thanks for the praise. Pity that my ex...
  4. Project1080

    Rendering Paint - Anyone heard of it?

    Hi Tin Tin, I wanted to try out the Dulux render paint and created a courtyard a couple of years ago and coated it using the render paint. I found it was easier to trowel on with a plastic trowel rather than apply it with the coarse roller commonly used. Whilst it probably would have been...
  5. Project1080

    So women, what cup size are you?

    Probably the most entertaining post i've seen here in a long time. Good work Lil Skater. Once knew an old lady who had really big boobs. She was having a few issues over it and couldn't cope with the ogling and guestures. She wanted to do herself in so she decided shooting herself in the...
  6. Project1080

    What is your next move with investing?

    After 12 months in the wilderness post marital separation, my property settlement has finally come through so I can now embark on the rebuilding exercise. Aside from transfering existing properties to & fro, looking to make another IP purchase in next 2 months. I for one are hoping for a...
  7. Project1080

    How to join flatpax benchtops

    Hi Eden, I'm embarking on the same job with bamboo benchtops at my sister's place after xmas. Can you advise who cut the benchtops? If you did the cutting, what tips/tricks can you offer on cutting the mason's mitre joins? My sister has had trouble finding a specialist willing to cut...
  8. Project1080

    Choppers over Brissie

    Do that think like they did in Flying High. "Over there next to the restaraunt". Project 1080
  9. Project1080

    Steve Keen - The Loser

    Steve Keen made a bet with someone (may have ben Robertson) that if he was wrong about house prices falling 40%+ he would walk up Mt Kossie naked. Not that I really want to see it, but I want to see it. Just to cack myself at him. Project 1080 The project: 10 IPs in 80 mths.
  10. Project1080

    oh boh - 6yr old found on inappropriate websites!

    Education, communication and trust. It all come back to the parents and their relationship with their children. Parents needs to educate their kids, provide open communication channels and trust their kids will be responsible. Project 1080. The project: 10 IPs in 80 mths. (if the...
  11. Project1080

    relative terminology

    "The outlaws" suits every circumstance. No need to change terminology if you become hitched. Even in divorce, they become the "ex-outlaws". Project 1080 The project: 10 IPs in 80 mths.
  12. Project1080

    Urban Cowboy's wife's inspiring journey

    Grant (UC) and Tracey (Ozperp), Even though we have never met, this story has made me sit here and realise that the health problems I have had over the past year are insignificant to what Grant Nicole and their family are going through. Just the other day I found out a work collegue had a...
  13. Project1080

    Awesome Threesome!

    I got all excited when I saw the subject heading. Stuth!!! - I'm still sore from walking to the bus stop yesterday. Project 1080. The project: 10 IPs in 80 mths.
  14. Project1080

    RE Agents tactics - Does this ploy work for you?!

    Unfortunately, i am experiencing this more ofthen nowadays, especially on Even the letterbox flyers turn up with 'sold- may buyers waiting' blazened across them as if to say, 'how good are we'. Sold properties are of no use to people looking to buy and if I have to compete with...
  15. Project1080


    One my third Beer now. I think!?!? I don't have a drinking problem! I drink. I get drunk. I fall down. No problem! Yesterday, scientists for the Health Department suggested that men should take a look at their beer consumption, considering the results of a recent analysis that revealed...
  16. Project1080

    Wealth Network Meeting for October (Adelaide)

    I would have been R-E-A-L-L-Y woried if you imagined the other way round. :D Project 1080. The project: 10 IPs in 80 mths.
  17. Project1080

    How do I keep the birds off our verandah?

    Remove the verandah. Problem solved. Project 1080. The project: 10 IPs in 80 mths.
  18. Project1080

    Wealth Network Meeting for October (Adelaide)

    ROFLMAO!:Haven't heard that since that bloke said it to one of our former PMs. Well done Rob. I picked up a few pointers myself. Yes public speaking is a challenge but once your confidence builds, you run with it. On my first or second attempt at public speaking I was told by an old hand...
  19. Project1080

    Shares Game - Its on again!! Who wants to play?

    Know the feeling. Pretty much sat on my hands for past months as had other issues to worry about. At least i'm holding ground so my new system seems to be working so far. Project 1080. The project: 10 IPs in 80 mths.
  20. Project1080

    Son preparing to buy first IP

    Good on you Sheryn and good for your son. I hope he does well. I wish my parents had the knowledge and foresight to do as you have done when I was younger. Alas i'm playing catch up now as an older and wiser (sometimes)person. Paperwork going through as we speak for the next 2. Bring!-it!-on...