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    New reletting fees introduced

    Four of the properties are 2 bedroom units walking distance to the centre of town, the other is a 4 bedroom house which we bought for us to move in when the kids went to the school around the corner. As it turns out this will not happen as the kids go elsewhere. While I appreciate everyone's...
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    New reletting fees introduced

    PM has been managing our 5 properties for 6 years and we pay them approx. $200 a month in management fees. They sent out a letter to all landlords stating they were introducing a $55 fee to re-sign existing tenants. I have just been slugged for 4 leasing fees, one fee out of another...
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    Guardian Property & Asset Management Werribee?

    Give Sharyn Callander at Raine & Horne Werribee a call I have dealt with Sharyn for approx. 15 years. She was previously in another town. Sharyn knows more about the Act and rights than most VCAT judges! She is also on Somersoft.
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    Constant late rent payments

    I call them professional renters! We had tenants like that for two years. Every month they would pay 13 days late as they knew how the system worked. It was so predictable that we worked that into our budget. We were happy for them to stay as there were no other problems but they found...
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    shoudl I change this PM?

    Some tenants "don't like to complain" I know from when I worked as a PM that some tenants don't advise you of issues until you are at the property doing a routine inspection. They don't like to complain! I have lost count of how many times the letter was sent to them advising the date of the...
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    Tenant defaulted......sob story....what should I do?

    Time to change PM Contact Sharyn Callander at Raine & Horne in Werribee. She spent 10 years in the Bacchus Marsh/Melton areas. Although she is in Werribee she still manages properties in those areas. Google her number and give her a call on Monday.
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    Tenant defaulted......sob story....what should I do?

    Still apply with VCAT Your PM should still lodge with VCAT and get a hearing date. PM can always ask for adjournment if money paid up to date or go to the hearing and have it recorded if they are late again, there will be consequences. Make sure your PM lodges with VCAT - they are still 14...
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    Need Great PM Werribee Victoria

    Give Sharyn Callander at Raine & Horne a call! Sharyn managed my properties for many years in the Bacchus Marsh and Melton area. She quite possibly knows more about the rules and regulations than most other PMs put together. She takes care of everything!
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    Urgent question, Should I lodge a VCAT application myself?

    I can't help but wonder when was the last routine inspection at the property? Surely your PM was conducting the inspections every 6 months? Were they evicted or left of their own accord?
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    Mothers day in IP. Please make suggestions RE: PM.

    Oops - I forgot..... When was the last routine inspection? Surely it couldn't have been more than 6 months ago. Did the routine inspection reports and photos mention anything was going on?
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    Mothers day in IP. Please make suggestions RE: PM.

    Yes - we are lucky! Our children are 10 and 7 and we have had IPs all their life - they have seen the hard work and effort that goes into having houses and unit blocks s investments. They understand that the rent pays the mortgage and they will, in the end, be ours! Like your children they...
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    Advertising a rental as 'pets considered' on

    I'm with Wylie - you are stating that you are definately NOT a NO PET property!
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    Dogs/Pets & rentals - Melbourne - thoughts?

    Sorry to go off on a tangent but.... Not so Ed Barton! I have had 2 greyhounds for the past 6 years and they sleep all day. If you read up on them they are actually companion dogs - wherever the human is, that is where you will find the dog. They don't run around all day as they do not...
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    Dogs/Pets & rentals - Melbourne - thoughts?

    As long as you are honest at the outset so the appropriate pets clauses can be put in place I think most landlords are accepting. It's when dogs magically appear that annoys us as nothing can be done!
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    What do you think of this damage?

    Toothpaste! White toothpaste (not gel) is fantastic for small scratches on watch faces and glasses. Just squeeze some on a damp cloth and gently rub it it over the marks, then rinse off. It's worth a shot. Have given back the bond to your tenants? If this is the case unfortunately you...
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    House not rented yet - 5 weeks with no tenant!

    Some do - I certainly used it, even now I'm not working I'm still addicted! Just can't give it up. My ex boss has used it for years!
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    House not rented yet - 5 weeks with no tenant!

    They have been busy! Kael Did you tell them we have been spying on them? Only 3 properties now on their website with no photos! I'm wondering if I drive past it this weekend the front garden looks exactly like the photo?? I think they have just been slack.
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    House not rented yet - 5 weeks with no tenant!

    Unbelievable!!!! Just jumped onto THEIR website - 9 out of the 30 houses they have listed for rent have no photos of the house - just the company sign. What a total disregard for landlords and their investment. Weather has nothing to do with it. Pure laziness.
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    House not rented yet - 5 weeks with no tenant!

    40 homes to rent in Brookfield! I just jumped onto and called up Brookfield. There is now a dozen 4 bedroom homes between $260-$290 per week; 6 at $300 per week and 4 at $310+ per week. There is also another 9 3 bedroom homes around that price. Only 1 of those houses do not...
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    Inspection - Nails in Carpet

    Nothing new unfortunately! Every new house I took on when I was a Property Manager had this problem. It is also around all the walls, not just where the carpet meets tiled areas. As I was dealing directly with builder I instructed the nails to be flattened which they did with a hammer and...