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  1. investor_eddie

    Casual Employment Question

    Hey guys, I work in the security industry which is mostly casual employment. I've been with my company for 4 years now but my hours have recently been cut. I want to buy another IP in 6 months. If I get a 2nd job still in security will the bank combine my income from both jobs if I've been...
  2. investor_eddie

    Can I rent out half a unit?

    Maybe.. I just hate renting, even if it is a little cheaper. I want to have my cake & eat it too :p
  3. investor_eddie

    Can I rent out half a unit?

    These 2 bedroom units do rent between 500 - 550pw Body corporate is fairly high though so it isn't such an 'awesome' return
  4. investor_eddie

    Can I rent out half a unit?

    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a 2 bed unit next year for around 320k. Is it possible to live in one room and rent one room to a mate for 250pw? If so will the bank calculate this into their serviceability when they process my loan? Cheers.
  5. investor_eddie

    What sort of business can generate $40K+ net profit per year by doing it part-time?

    I'd love to setup some sort of automated internet business. I had an idea a while ago but later found it had already been done. It was basically selling something that people could receive electronically via email. I guess people do similar things with E-Books but I'm not much of a writer lol.
  6. investor_eddie

    $17K - which car ?

    I wouldn't say 100k+ is a 'little' more cash :p
  7. investor_eddie

    $17K - which car ?

    You know you want a R34. Can get a clean one for about 40k these days :p Me personally, I'd like an FD RX7 but it'll have to wait a few years yet. I want my investments to buy my toys for me :D
  8. investor_eddie

    woke up a millionaire

    lol Geoff you made the same joke 6 years ago in this thread :p
  9. investor_eddie

    What income from investments do you need for financial freedom?

    My rule has always been to live on 50% and invest 50% 100k would be enough for me to throw in the job. I can live comfortably on 50k and that would grow over time with investing the other half. I can't see myself 'retiring' as such, just a full time investor with a lot of spare time :D
  10. investor_eddie

    Surfers Paradise reduced from $895 to $690

    My mate recently picked up a 2 bedroom unit at the Chevron Renaissance for 280k which is like a 1min walk to Cavill Ave. Only on the 5th floor but still a good price. 'House' warming this weekend should be fun :D
  11. investor_eddie

    Can you buy a house on the sly for someone else using their money etc?

    Just disconnect the phone line so he has no net connection. I doubt he'd last a week there :p
  12. investor_eddie

    Australia's CHEAPEST three bedroom houses!!!

    How do you find those bargain unlisted properties Nathan?
  13. investor_eddie

    Margate Qld (Redcliff area)

    Congrats on the purchase Sash. If you don't mind me asking, what was the advertised price?
  14. investor_eddie

    rich dad poor dad, think & grow rich, I don't get it

    Currently an E focussing on the 'I' quadrant. Once fully in the 'I' quadrant I plan on branching up to the B :D
  15. investor_eddie

    rich dad poor dad, think & grow rich, I don't get it

    Im finding Kiyosaki's second book cashflow quadrant better than rich dad poor dad. Haven't finished reading it yet though.
  16. investor_eddie

    scam alert

    I've never received any of those sorts of emails. You guys must put your email addresses into some dodgy sites :p
  17. investor_eddie

    More haste, less speed

    So what happens with her now?
  18. investor_eddie

    What is it you are after?

    Like many others I am just chasing the freedom and security that financial independence gives you. Once I reach that stage I can focus on the things I REALLY want in life :)
  19. investor_eddie

    Another reason to continue investing

    Imagine all the knowledge you could aquire, all the things you could do, how wealthy you could be.. if you lived for that long :D haha
  20. investor_eddie

    Another reason to continue investing

    Looking forward to further breakthroughs in medicine/bio tech.. If i have enough money to extend my healthy life expectancy to 150+ I would pay nearly any price :p