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    Stupidly cheap?

    Got sent this today... I have no interest, seems stupidly cheap tho? DECEASED ESTATE AUCTION THIS SATURDAY 10AM BUYING RANGE $30,000 - $40,000 This is not a misprint! Warning! Be there or miss out! 55 George Street, Bundaberg South Great little starter or...
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    Perth Freight Link = $1.6bn

    Is anyone else stumped as to why it costs so much to build roads? This is 13.4kms at a cost of $1.6bn... do I understand that correctly? Presumably they are diamond encrusting the surface to make it long lasting...
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    We think we have refugee problems....

    wow, 11000 illegal immigrants in 6 days!!
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    Unmarked Police motorbikes (Perth)

    is this a new thing? hadn't seen it before today....had a flashing light going and the cop was handing out a ticket.
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    Drugs and Prostitution vital to the economy

    Amazing that governments are scrambling to tally up the value of illicit trades in order to big note themselves...
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    Dam those bubbles

    I use to think summer wine and champagne pretty much all tasted the same, then as I got older my tastes changed and last year I went to a champagne tasting class and took an interest in it all, now I am cursed with this expensive habit. Anyone else got the taste for it?
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    Macquarie in the hot seat

    surprised action wasn't taken sooner...
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    yields detach from capital values

    was a really interesting read here... is this sustainable? is this an insight into the future of our own property markets? I sold an awesome flat there and regret it now. Would love to...
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    interesting building evolvement

    a couple of interesting concepts here: wouldn't have thought you would be allowed to build this but I assume they are promoting this range for a reason? presumably you could also have a granny flat and then triple rent the...
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    Cannot justify selling

    as a consequence of the market doing ok of late I run through each of the properties and think ok I could sell this or maybe that, but keep coming to the conclusion, why bother selling? they aren't costing anything, selling only triggers taxes and agents fees and hassle, the outlook is looking...
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    Watch that Paypass - dody banks

    so on our business account several paypass transactions were doubled up. so ring the bank, get the runaround... bus section, no its paypass so its retail, no there are several so it business, oh we cant help you... well I just came from retail, and business before that... well you'll have to...
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    Where are the greenies now??

    they stopped james price point and denied us of many billions of dollars of wealth, will they stand by and let this blight on the pristine environment proceed just so nab can recover $20m? I would have...
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    Bware the mother of all housing booms

    no better time to load up guys... "If we are not very careful Australia is going to have the mother of all dwelling...
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    PPSR - new privacy / credit watch process

    the entire country is grappling with the PPSR and how it works. It is important to note that this now acts as another form of credit report that you need to monitor and this one is interesting because there is no privacy. so if you want to snoop on someone just do a search on them and see what...
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    Providing wifi in a short let holiday home

    does anyone know how I can do this? i.e. guest one rocks up on day 1 of the month and maxes out the download limit...
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    dealing with the USA

    is it just me or is dealing with the US really difficult? they seem so backwards that it's hard to believe they are the number 1 economic power. Anyone else experience this?
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    Huge growth forecast - Perth

    this is a big call from such a respected commentator...20% in 6 months: Mr Hegney said he was aware of a property in Mosman Park priced at just under $1 million that would probably be worth up to $1.2 million by year’s end, such is demand. With so...
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    government on a massive tax grab

    this is getting ugly hey? 0.5% on earnings...that's a huge figure. Neg gearing and CGT discounts look like easy targets. Grief could these incompetents have stuffed thinsg up anymore? If it's not one distraction it's the next. We have rolled form the plasma handouts, the pink bat debacle, a...
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    A big thank you the low life that stole my garden tap from my holiday home, leaving water spewing out of the side of the house for so long it flooded the street. Seriously if you are that desperate you need real help. Scum.
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    Browse project binned

    the no gas no jobs no money brigade have won.... surprised no mention on here yet of one of the biggest losses to our economy and security of energy supplies for this country. The Browse project itself was small fry compared to the fracking gas out of the canning basin - without that facility it...