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  1. Crystal

    Waterproof membrane under concrete slab

    Hi Forumites, I have a granny flat I'd like to get council approved. My concern is that there may not be a waterproof membrane under the concrete slab. Is there any way to add a waterproof membrane? Can I keep the granny flat and jackhammer the concrete and pour new concrete over a membrane...
  2. Crystal

    Grout dries unevenly

    We recently employed a builder to renovate our ensuite. After a shower, the grout dries unevenly which looks strange. I have attached a picture which shows the shower recess 48 hours since taking a shower. Has anyone seen this before? Is it normal? The builder said that the grout doesn't look...
  3. Crystal

    Ensuite floor tile recommendation please.

    Hi team, I recently purchased a principal place of residence with painted floor and wall tiles in the ensuite. It only takes a month or two for the paint to start chipping, especially on the floor. So, I'm soon to retile the walls with high gloss white tiles, keeping the vanity. And my...
  4. Crystal

    Insurance for non-council approved Granny Flats

    Dear Property Investors, I have a house with a granny flat that is not council approved. Does anyone know of an insurance company who will insure me for both the house and the granny flat even though it is not council approved? My original insurer, CGU have decided not to insure me anymore due...
  5. Crystal

    Looking for insurance broker

    Can anyone recommend a good insurance broker please? Specifically, I'm after insurance for my houses with non-council approved granny flats. Thanks, Crystal
  6. Crystal

    Fire in non council approved granny flat

    Dear Property Investors, Last night, there was a break and enter and deliberately lit fire in my rented granny flat. Fortunately the tenants weren't home but they've lost most of their belongings. I have building, contents and loss of rent insurance and it is noted on my policy that the granny...
  7. Crystal

    Desalination plant at Kurnell

    GDay Forum, The Desalination plant at Kurnell is likely going to cost up to $2 billion funded by the governement. This will supply water to 460,000 households in the city's east and inner west by 2008. Does anyone know how much it would cost to fund the retrofitting of rain water tanks to...
  8. Crystal

    Defer CGT with a Green investment

    Hi Forumites, A work colleague claimed that his father's financial advisor said that he could defer/avoid Capital Gains Tax if the tax owed was invested in a Green (environmentally friendly) company! Has anyone heard anything like this? Cheers, Crystal
  9. Crystal

    Dear Mr Costa,

    Dear Mr Costa, RE: LAND TAX TOO HIGH _ MUST INVEST INTERSTATE I am a young single female working hard and investing, so that I can afford to fund my own retirement. I have purchased 3 investment properties, but on a single income cannot afford to buy my own home. I would like to purchase...
  10. Crystal

    Cost of Conveyancer

    Gday everyone, I have a friend who has just exchanged contracts on a unit, off the plan, in NSW. Her conveyancer has informed her that his cost, so far, is $2400. Eight hours at $300 per hour. This sounds expensive to me as my solicitor charges me around $700 for a property purchase. I thought...
  11. Crystal

    Land and Environment Court

    My plans for a dual occupancy have been declined by council due to several neighbour complaints. A friend told me that I can go to the Land and Environment Court to argue my case for a minimal cost (approx $200)??? I could defend myself and the Court would consider the facts of the case...
  12. Crystal

    House is moving?

    Hi everyone, Most of the doors of my new IP were sticking when I purchased. So I planed the tops of the doors to ensure they closed neatly. A few days later one of them was sticking again, so I planed it again. Since then, 3 doors in my house have been planed 3 times and a couple are...
  13. Crystal

    Shailer Park Property Manager

    Hi Everyone, I have a friend based in Sydney with several IPs in Shailer Park, Qld. He has not been able to find a competent property manager. Has anyone any recommendations for a decent property manager in the Shailer Park area, please? Your help is appreciated, Regards, Crystal
  14. Crystal

    Granny Flat needs council approval

    Hi everyone, I was right in the middle of converting the garage of an IP into a granny flat, when a gentleman from the council arrived at my front door. Apparently one of my 'friendly' neighbours had dobbed me in. A disastrous situation for me as my IP would be negatively geared without a...
  15. Crystal

    Painting Melamine

    I'm installing a melamine kitchen and am worried that it will look old within the year. Melamine chips easily (especially in a rental) and I was wondering if I should paint the cupboards with clear or white laminate paint. Would this laminate paint help to protect the melamine and extend the...
  16. Crystal

    Pre-fab walls - Insulation

    Hi everyone, With the help of my Dad, I'm going to convert a large double garage into a one bedroom flat. Are there any companies that will prefabricate the internal walls, in either timber or steel? Which material would be cheaper? Where can I find bargain priced insulation batts in...
  17. Crystal

    Search function

    Hi everyone, When I tried to do a search on "land tax" I got the following message... vBulletin Message The search term you specified (tax) is under the minimum word length (4) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer. Lengthening the word tax to taxation doesn't...
  18. Crystal

    Find a suburb

    Hi everyone, I'd like to contribute to our new forum by recommending two handy websites that I use all the time. and Just type an address or suburb and these websites will map them for you...
  19. Crystal

    CentrePay direct debit rental payments

    From: Crystal . Hello everyone, One of my tenants (single mum) finds it extremely difficult to pay her rent on time each week. She has asked my property manager to sign up with CentrePay so that her rent can be directly debited from her Centrelink payments. This service costs $0.92 per...
  20. Crystal

    Under-quote auction sale price

    From: Crystal . G'day all, I have a friend who made a pre auction offer on an Sydney property close to the CBD. The property is advertised as "offers over $550". My friend offered $640 and was told that the vendors wanted more than this. The agent said that she would only submit the offer with...