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    Free books

    Hi, I'm cleaning out and have some books for free. I also have some I want a small price for but haven't sorted them yet. I also have old magazines if anyone is interested. The free ones are- most of them are giveaways at seminars. Want someone to take all of them. I have 2 bundles. Just...
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    Setup for business.

    We are looking at buying a business and we will need to have a storage unit. What would be the best way to set this up? Of course I will speak to my accountant if it looks like it's viable (still waiting on figures). Assuming we buy the business in a company name (yet to speak to...
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    Melbournites wanted

    Hi I REALLY want to go to T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mindset weekend workshop. I've just finished his book. Unfortunately I can't attend the Sydney one but am willing to fly to Melbourne for it (9th-11th May)...
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    Super funds

    My hubby has retired but we don't want to touch his Super at this stage. He needs to roll it over into another fund. Does anyone have recommendations as to a great fund? I will start researching tonight but thought people here may have some experience with different funds. I'm with First...
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    Is creative play dead?

    I think it's a dying art sadly. When I started teaching Kindergarten (Year 1 in some states)- first year of formal schooling was play based. Now there's no time. Even Preschools have a focus on teaching sounds etc. Children do not know how to play! It's difficult to get kids to play...
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    Firestop Plasterboard

    If anyone is putting up a firewall I have just seen an add on Gumtree for 23 sheets of firestop plasterboard 1200 X 16ml for $200. That's over $1,000 worth. Wish it was there when we did ours. Listed as Plasterboard. In Camden, Sydney. Thought it may save someone some money.
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    Development next to mum

    The corner block next to my mum is being developed (2 townhouses). The builder wants to meet with her to discuss 3 things. I’d appreciate your comments/opinions. 1) Tree There is a massive gum tree in the corner of their block. Some branches hang over mums place and the trunk is slightly...
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    Does you PM pay your bills?

    Hi, when I started I ticked that I'd pay the council rates, water, strata. But every 3 months it's a big job to pay them all now and I'm over it. Plus I travel a lot and have to orgainse it if I'm away when they arrive. How many people get there's paid by their PM? Do they charge for...
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    Moving RE prices.

    Hi, I was just browsing to get a feel for where my properties stand in relation to price. Looked up Blacktown and saw a unit similar to mine for $309K. I thought "WHAT, that's what I paid 3 years ago". Then I realised it was $309K. I paid $209K. :D Hope the others are that good.
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    Relocatable home 4 sale. Sydney

    Sorry. Didn't notice. Add was place end of last year.
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    Great studio design

    How clever is this design! If you had a large studio I think this would be a great way to set it up.
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    The ideal landlord

    Had to laugh at this. The list of rules to rent a room from this guy is incredible. I'd love to know if he ever got a renter. Example No...
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    Hi, does anyone know of a gyprocker that can put a firewall in for us? We had a guy lined up but we have been stuffed around by council for a month and now he's booked till Christmas. Hills area Thanks.
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    Weird open homes

    I just went to an open home (price guide $720K+). There was about 3 loves of bread buttered and about 2kg of sliced meat sitting on the kitchen bench. And the toilet had obviously JUST been used. :( Disgusting. Why would you have an open home and not clean up? Anyone else seen strange things...
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    Free stuff

    We are cleaning out. We have 1 x 3 draw white laminate unit. 600 D x 600 W and 870 high (including legs) 1X 2 door cupboard 600 D X 800 W X 870 H. Both are white laminate and have marks on the but would be OK for a garage for example. We also have a shaving cabinet- gloss white...
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    Paver needed- Hills district Sydney

    Hi, can anyone recommend a paver in Sydney? I need to put another row of pavers around my pool. So not a massive job. Also someone that can help with a (not expensive) way to make the pool area look less plain. A landscaper? Thanks.
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    Is it worth the hassle to downgrade?

    We are nearing retirement and our idea is to downsize our PPOR and sell one investment property to pay down some loans. I will go part time in 1-2 years. Hubby has about 3-4 years until he'll retire. Selling the investment property will give us $20,000 a year in our pocket (less interest-...
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    Is the reno bug going crazy?

    Just looking the last few weeks and I see on properties that look like they are staged for sale. So being a sticky beak I look them up on RP,data to see if they have been bought to reno and sell. What I am seeing is places that have been bought and sold a few months later. But the...
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    Gallery Photos

    I can't see any of them. Just keep getting No thumbnail written on all the pictures?
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    Fence cost with Housing Commission

    I have a house with a Housing Commission house beside it. I need a new fence. Has anyone had this issue? Do I get a quote and contact the HC? What section/who? Will they agree to colourbond? It's no more expensive than palings. Also does anyone have a contact for a fencer for Western...