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  1. mary&mat

    Water damamaged carpet - who pays?

    Hi all, Long story short: PM advised Owners Corp of water leak from above flat the Tues before Anzac Day public hol. Owners corp did nothing til Fri at which time the water dribbling down the wall turned into a flood ruining carpet, wardrobe (seized shut), hole in plaster ceiling resulting in...
  2. mary&mat

    Do you self-operate / self medicate / use homemade remedies?

    Eg: ingrown toenail: get out tweezers/knife, perform 'operation', apply antiseptic & bandaid. Wash out gummy eyes with salt water instead of store bought ointment? Use a poultice to draw out a splinter? I cut myself pretty badly with a knife while slicing an onion. Finger & fingernail...
  3. mary&mat

    2 yo manipulation - does it exist?

    Hi all, It's been a while; good reading all the success updates too :) Bit of advice please from mothers, fathers, guardians: Is a 2yo capable of manipulation? I think yes, although in very basic forms ie tantrums etc to get own way. What techniques have people used successfully to...
  4. mary&mat

    Servicing Gas Heater - Recommendations?

    hi all, After hearing that sad, sad story about the family whose two boys died from carbon monoxide (or is it dioxide...I'm no scientist) poisoning from a leaking gas heater I get slightly freaked out. We always get tired when we have the heater on. I thought it was just b/c we were nice &...
  5. mary&mat

    Howmany payslips?

    YAY! I'm back at work after nearly 2 yrs off for maternity leave :) Wanting to buy another 1br asap. How many months payslips will the bank require before we can apply for another loan? Thanks :)
  6. mary&mat

    Ignore button

    Hi all, I have searched but can't find exactly what I want. When you put someone on your ignore list, does the thread just show you all other posts except theirs? If you've been put on someone's ignore list do you get an alert telling you that or would you just never know? Thanks...
  7. mary&mat

    Basic question:

    Hi all, Have searched, but to no this the correct way of working out how much I can borrow: Loans: 1,049,000 Current value of properties: 1,510,000 Current LVR: 1,049,000/1,510,000 = 69% Assuming bank will lend 80%: 0.8*1,510,000 = 1,208,000 Minus current loans...
  8. mary&mat

    How long for PM to 'get back to you'

    Hi all, Just wondering how long you wait for your PM to either return your calls or emails? (This is an inner city location.) Thanks :)
  9. mary&mat

    Interest rates...impact of floods?

    Hi all, Just wondering how/if the recent devastation & flow on effects to food producers, miners etc will impact IR's. Will it mean there will be slower hikes this year?
  10. mary&mat

    Is this looting?

    Hi all, Watched the flood footage (again) last night showing all the debris washed up in I think Moreton Bay. There were various household items, chairs, toys etc & people were down there picking it all over & taking/salvaging things. The cops were reportedly stopping this from happenning...
  11. mary&mat

    One for the animal lovers - heartwarming

    Hi all, Thought we could do with as many good news stories as possible at this sad sad time: What a champ!
  12. mary&mat

    LOC difficult is it for accountant to work out?

    Hi all, We will need to use our LOC to pay for a few months of childcare. I understand this will 'contaminate' the LOC, but we have no other choice at the moment except credit cards or selling some shares. We will repay the money to the LOC a few months down the track. How difficult...
  13. mary&mat

    Eeek! I'm not covered for!?

    Hi all, We have a flat in Milton (Bris) just off the Park Rd cafe/restaurant area. It's on the 1st floor & I've just read my contents insurance policy which states I'm not covered for flood. (It's fully furnished). :eek: I'm not panicking as it's pretty pointless at this stage. :o Does...
  14. mary&mat

    Westpac's online Balance Sheet function

    Hi all, Noticed the above when I last went online. Didn't end up inputting anything as it seemed that you save the info to their site (under your login). Felt like it would be giving wesuck access to info they didn't necessarily need to know. In a sense, giving them ALL our financial...
  15. mary&mat

    Silly XMas song questions

    The song that starts off, 'I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus, underneath the mistle toe last night...' has bothered me a tad. Never thought of it this way as a kid but, is mummy having an affair with Santa or is it daddy dressed up? Can't remember how the rest goes. Also, does anyone else feel...
  16. mary&mat

    To slap or not to slap...when it's someone else's child?

    If anyone has read 'The Slap' (great premise, but the book wandered off into the personal lives of the characters too much neglecting the central issue).... My daughter was playing in one of those tube slides, the fully enclosed ones. Like most kids, she likes to crawl up from the bottom to...
  17. mary&mat

    Re-let fee for same tenants staying on another year?

    Just wondering if this is correct? Lease renewed for another year, same tenants, is it standard to be charged a re-letting fee? Thanks you for your advice :)
  18. mary&mat

    Electricity & Gas door to door people

    Does anyone else get these people coming to your door asking to see your power bill 'just to make sure you're not getting over-charged'!?!?! Then when I say I don't want to change providers, they give me spiel about how it's not changing company just the billing details & I don't have to do...
  19. mary&mat

    Jason Rose - Rental Express - A Big Thank You!

    To anyone who read my earlier post about Rental Express & feeling somewhat 'un-cared' for.... I'd like to send out a big thank you to Jason rose (Operations Manager) in Bris :D He called me to let me know what had been happening & I very much appreciated his personal touch! So thanks...
  20. mary&mat

    'Common ground' but exclusive use

    Hi all, Hoping someone can assist: One unit has exclusive use of a courtyard attached to it, but it is deemed 'common property'. (They have a locked gate so no-one else can access it). Works on a tree in this courtyard have taken place as it was ripping up pavers & affecting the...