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    Transfer land owned by family trust to personal name...

    Problem all sorted out now. Please delete the post if required.
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    50% discounted Capital Gain - Capital Loss.

    Have searched through a few old threads but can't find my answer clearly enough. - Sell house held for > 12 months realising a $20k capital gain that can be discounted 50%. - Carry forward a $10k capital loss from a previous financial year. What is the correct method for calculating the...
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    Ziggybid: Online mortgage bidding.

    There was a bit of discusion over the last few days about shopping yuor mortgage around to multiple brokers. The general feedback was that it wasn't a good idea as you risk not getting very good service if they see you as a not so loyal client. This will make things interseting then. Ziggy...
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    Facade Choice - Please Help!

    Wanting to select our facade for the IP we are just about to build in Windsor Gardens, South Australia. WG is going through a regeneration phase with about 50/50 split of old and new homes. We have selected a few facades we like below that we think should suit the area and are not too different...
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    Forecaster tips house price rise of 40 per cent in five years

    House prices are expected to rise by as much as 40 per cent during the next five years, according to economic forecaster BIS Shrapnel.......... Adelaide Advertiser article. You can guess what the non-investor comments will be like about the article. :rolleyes:
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    Choosing a spec builder in Adelaide.

    Just after some suggestions on how to make the tough decision of selecting a builder to build two homes on a sub-division in Wondsor Gardens. We plan to sell one pretty much straight away and keep the other for rental so want them pretty much to spec. Are the display homes indicative of...