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    Losing faith/trust in lawyers (selling property)

    Have any of you been with a lawyer when selling a property that you begin to wonder if they can handle the money transfer part of the settlement even? The lawyer I am using will not admit he made a mistake when he exchanged contracts and put down 1 month extra in the settlement period instead...
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    OTP buying - Fortitude Valley -2016 completion

    Hello All, I am close to signing up for an off the plan apartment in one of the multi-storey building being constructed in Fortitude Valley with my SO. This would be my first IP for an approximately $530K property to be setled in 2016 with a 10% deposit now. This is being done with a...
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    Lamb at the kitchen table

    This is something I've been observing for that past dozen odd years though some of it is from when I first came to Australia. In 1988, the price of lamb was $1.99/kg and at some stage in the 90s jumped up significantly. While in Auckland in 2001, my brother-in-law who did his shopping old...